My 3 yr old son will not poop in the potty … any potty training suggestions?

I’m having almost no problems with him using the potty to pee … but he WILL NOT poo in there. He knows he should be using the potty … he will ask me right after he poops Mom, will you change me. Help!? I don’t know what else to do…

Different things work for different kids, so you have to find what works for him. With my children, I used M&amp:Ms. I cut out all treats and sweets and started rewarding them when they used the potty. Some poeple would ask me &quot:Won’t they always expect M&amp:Ms?&quot: Only for a while. Be sure and praise him every time he uses the potty. Tell him how proud you are, make a big deal about it- what a big boy! Also, I’d take my kids and make them sit there about every two hours. If you know about what times he usually poops, get him on the toilet around that time, before he has a chance to have an accident.

My four year old just began using the &quot:potty&quot: on a regular basis and that really bothered me. We tried potty training books, rewards and explaining that everyone uses the toilet. Nothing worked untill we told him that if he did not start using the toilet he was not going to be able to go to school and meet new children and play with them all the time. Now, I know that every child is different and you might just have to keep trying new things. Don’t give up, you will get him there.

If you are asking him to use &quot:the big boy&quot: potty he may be afraid, that he will fall in. They make Toddler potty seats to put on your toilet seat. Try that. If that doesn’t work then use the old fashion, &quot:reward method&quot:. My granddaughter loves marshmallows so we would give her a marshmallow or two when she went on the big girl potty and within 3 days it was all good.

Explain to him that one day soon he will be going to school where mommy is not allowed to go. Therefore he needs to learn to use the potty for peeing and pooping because for several hours mommy wont be there to change him.

Our saving grace was a book given to me by my Sister. It’s called &quot:Everyone poops&quot:. It helped us take care of any potty issues we had with our two children. Check it out, I think you will be impressed.

I know I don’t have a child but my mom just gave birth to one.She uses hot chocolate to brive her to use the potty,and she is one stinky pooper!any way,when he has to go the bathroom,go with him a nd hold him by the under arms.then lay him over the pottyand let him rip!!!good luk


I used to bribe my son with Mcd’s or going and buying a toy
he had the same problem

my mom used candy and fruit to motivate my brothers and sisters while they were being pottytrained mabye it will work for you.

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