Does Obama believe in Black Liberation theology?

Trinity church of Chicago peaches Black Liberation theology. Obama and his family were members at Trinity for nearly 20 years. Are you OK with a president that believes in Black Liberation theology.

Best thing to do is to ask the man directly.

I’m white and live in the south. I can remember when black people weren’t allowed to eat in white restaurants. They had signs on the doors &quot:Whites Only&quot:. When white children wore out school books, they were given to the black schools. Imagine doing your math homework, and the page is torn out. I also remember the KKK. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.

Much has been accomplished during the years since the civil rights movement. Black churches have played a big part in that movement throughout the years. They’ve encouraged their congregations to stand up to white people, not to be beaten down and made to feel like less than their white counterparts. They were taught the value of education in getting out of the circumstances that were holding them back. I see nothing wrong with this kind of teaching.

I don’t know where the label &quot:Black Liberation Theology&quot: came from. I imagine it was coined as recently as the Rev. Wright fiasco. Anyway, Obama was not subjected to this kind of church rhetoric as a child. He was raised by white people, and probably knew little about the black struggle as he was growing up. His wife, on the other hand, probably did. She took her minister’s advice–she managed to get an education at Columbia at a time when a black student, especially a woman, was a real anomaly at such a prestigious university.

I say, good for both of them. I would just as soon have a president that believes in helping all Americans, including black people as either of the alternatives. And as for his spouse, I remember how Bill Clinton respected his office. I also think Cindy McCain would be an imperfect role model.

Edit: While I was typing my commentary, Clayton J above was posting the material directly above mine that says it much more eloquently. All of you, take the time to read every word.

Why do white people, who have oppressed Blacks since the founding of this country, think they are the objective purveyors of truth? Anytime Blacks and other people of color complain about the racist institutions and oppression that continue in this country, whites say its an overreaction. This is the white supremacist attitude that Rev. Wright speaks against. Rev. Wright, no matter how radical you think his ideas are, are not that outrageous. Hillary Clinton was just on the Bill O’Reily and told him that she didn’t believe AIDS was created by the gov’t, but has anyone heard of the Tuskegee experiment? That study went on for over 30 years without the knowledge of those poor sharecroppers that were infected with syphilis. What happened to free speech in this country? We run around the globe starting illegal wars in the name of democracy, yet a Black religious leader is not free to speak his mind within the confines of his own church. The white power structure is so hypocritical. Those in power run around crapping on the most vulnerable populations here and abroad and destroy those who speak against it. Wright does not speak for Obama. Obama does not speak for Rev. Wright. And it is time for the media to get to the campaign issues.

Yes of course he does. How scary that this is the man we want leading us, and representing us in the world. His wife the one many want to call first lady hates America. They had Wright baptize their children, this is how they are raising thier chidren, this is how they will want us to raise our children. Would we vote for Wright? Essentially that is what we are doing… remember all Presidents have a Spiritual advisor… Great! Our tax dollars will shuffle Wright and Jesse Jackson around the country

Of course! He is a firm believer, although only in a political sense. That is, he doesn’t buy anything transcendental. He only believes in the political power of the church. He sees the church only as a way to organize and energize blacks for black power, and not for any worship. Obama is not a theist. He does not believe in God. He is a secular humanist at heart. This is apparent to anyone who knows what one is.

He believes in the noxious parts of the &quot:sect,&quot: which include a vilification of whites and a apotheosis of blackness. It’s an insane cult. Anyone who buys into it is an idiot and a fool.

Yes he believes in Black Liberation theology and no I am not OK with a president that believes in Black Liberation theology just as I wouldn’t be OK with a president who agrees with the KKK.

Of course he does. He supported it with time and money for 20+ years. I believe his wife takes it even a few steps further and is a black supremacist. She is one scary bimbo. I wonder who wears the pants in that family.

Yes he does. Wright warned him about the controversy surrounding the church and its beliefs before he joined, but he proceeded to join anyway.

Black Liberation Theology is from the 60s. That was before Obama’s time.

Of course he does.
He states so plainly in his books.
Of all the churches he could pick in Chicago he and Michelle picked TUCC the most radical supporters of Black Liberation Theology.

Of course he does. He was drawn to it like a heat seeking missile. Plus, he stuck around soaking it up for 20 years and admitted that his favorite book was written by Malcom X. Fine for him but not the typical white who clings to his guns and religion.

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