Would home-made or store bought almond milk be cheaper?

A 1/2 liter store bought was like 5 something bucks. And i found a recipe that takes 1 1/3 cups almondsm 2 cups water, and vanilla extract.. and the store bought has a bunch more other ingredients so home-made would definitly be healthier but which one would be cheaper?

Oh gosh,calm down, buy it !

Mother Nature has brought me a ways. I didn’t know what chard, arugula, broccoli, or brussel sprouts looked like until I turned 27. That’s about the time my journey began when I suddenly discovered I didn’t want to consume blood anymore. After becoming a vegetarian I became a vegan two years later after seeing photos of layer hens in battery cages. Reading the works of Carol J. Adams, Tom Regan, and Eric Marcus gave me even more motivation to go the next step. Over the last couple of years I have managed to change my wardrobe little by little. I can now proudly say that I own no leather, silk, wool, or p.v.c. It’s actually become managable and affordable for me to become eco-concious of my cosmetics, household chemicals, and clothing, as well as cruelty-free. I’ve had a vegetable garden for about two years now. It’s encouraging to know that eating out of it reduces my carbon foot-print. What I can’t grow I buy from the local farmers market. My exceptions are cashews and snacks like lunar bars. I’m in no way perfect but am happy that the light-bulb clicked some 6 years ago. Not bad for a guy who once lived off of burgers, and quick- pik pizzas. I do still need to work on travel. Although I drive a hybrid I’m aware that I don’t park it enough. Hopefully I can keep my new years resolution to walk or at least take public transit as often as possible. Well just being honest with myself public transit sounds more realistic. I like to run long distances. After five to ten miles I’m too lazy to do a lot of walking the next day :O P.S. Gnocchi goes well with sun-dried tomatoes and bengal lentils ):D

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