Why should atheists believe in god?

Provide any answer you want EXCEPT Pascal’s Wager. An answer that shows that an atheist is indeed better off believing in a god – something that warrants believing in a god is better than living secularly that would benefit today’s atheists in the long-run — again, disregarding the notion of an after-life.

Please back up your answer(s).

No need to believe in god for atheists. God and religion both are mainly for create a person a perfect human. It really doesn’t matter you believe in god or not but it really dose matter that you r a good human.

coz they have to think how did they come to this world ? and who created the sky and earth and mountain , seas , sun , moon , everything for sure he is the one . there is no god but Allah .

Because they don’t believe in God…

there is no harm, rather u get saved…
the more u open ur mind, the much wicked u get…
I’m not trading that I’ll seek benefit
because He loves us unconditionally, why should I then love Him with a condition of having benefited…

but since u speak of benefit…
He’s with me &amp: He answers my prayers….
that’s all..

Because on emergency time they still pray

&quot: The bible says so &quot: Drink.

No one is telling you what you should believe.
Do what you want. You will get judged later!

Who the h*** is Pascal Wager?

Cos they’re actually very anti-(their religion) but use atheism as an excuse

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