who wants to read a great book of fantasies?

read the bible, its full of wars, incest, family killing family, ghosts, people in flying chariots, people coming back from the dead, death, going to hell and then coming back and going to heaven, world disasters where the whole world is repopulated from a family on a boat which were the only survivors, a starter family who has two sons who had kids with their mother because there were no other women. Burning bushes which can talk, animal and human sacrifices, blind which can instantly see, whores, people being stoned to death, burned, crushed as entire cities and made to fall down when someone blows a horn, people turning into salt, man which is put into a cage of hungry wild animals and they dont get ate or hurt, etc. etc.
sounds like a lot of fantasy movies and sy fy things added together…

Good points, you made!!!

Well, at least you read it! Most folks on here that call it nonsense, or fairy tales, do so because they’ve been brainwashed into saying that without even reading it.

1 Corinthians 2:14 again.

It is certainly as fantasy but hardly a great one. Badly written, weak plots.

As the Virgin Mary has told us, war is a punishment from God for the sins of humanity. A person can know various truths, and can better distinguish truth from fiction, by reciting the rosary carefully every day.

‘great book’?

man… i’ve read it, its MIND NUMBINGLY dull. considering all the cool stuff in it, its amazing they managed to make it so boring.

You forgot the best ones!

A man made the sun stand still for an extra day and another man wrestled with god and ALMOST WON!

The fan club is HELLA crazy though.

I like my fantasy-fiction to at least be slightly believable and realistic.

The bible fails miserably in this regard.

Thanks for your review of the most widely read book in world literature.

you might have missed a few of its better ideas.

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