which dog breed is best for me?

I’m looking for a good-looking, middle-to-large size dog that is very loyal, sort of protective but not overly aggressive, and easy to train. We live in an apartment with no yard but I go on daily runs and walks so he will get plenty of daily exercise. The weather is never extreme here, but it doees get fairly cold in winter &amp: hot in summer so he should be able to adapt different kinds of weather good enough, but like I said, the weather is never too harsh here. So, which breed should I get?

I don’t think a husky would be very good in an apartment. They shed quite a bit and have quite the mind of their own.

Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds both meet most of your requirements, and I personally think they are both very good looking. 🙂 They’re also common breeds, so they would be easy to find. Golden Retrievers have a very happy nature and are eager to please their owner, a lot like a Labrador. Some tend to be very bouncy, though. Shepherds are easy to train and are very loyal, and are known for their capabilities as a guard dog. These dogs can be very heavy shedders, though. Both dogs require lots of exercise so that they don’t get bored and start tearing stuff up.

Siberian Huskies and American Eskimo Dogs both are very strong willed and have a mind of their own. Huskies can be destructive if they’re bored or are left alone for a very long time. Both shed quite a bit. I don’t think these breeds would be very good for apartment living. :/

The Finnish Spitz is a very lively breed of dog, and they make good watchdogs. They have those chasing instincts though, so you’ll want to be careful when your outside that they don’t go darting at a cat and knocking you off balance. They can be stubborn, and they are very vocal, but they are a nice size and have lots of energy.

Breeds I might want to suggests are Border Collies or Greyhounds.

Border Collies are great learners and are very common and easy to find. They have lots of energy and they aim to please their owners. Sometimes this energy can drive people up a wall, though, so if you’re nervous that you won’t be able to get the dog out enough, it might not be good for you.

Greyhounds are beautiful, elegant dogs have easy coats to take care of. They are quiet, too, which might be good if you live in an apartments. They are slow to housebreak, and they have strong instincts to chase. Greyhounds come in all sizes, though, and will run when you want to and will be a couch potato at home.

Good luck with whatever breed you choose! 🙂

Your last statement,

&quot:OK correction: i don’t expect a dog to protect me from grave danger, i just meant that i wouldn’t really like it if my dog fell in love with EVERY stranger he saw, including burglars, and wagged his tail at them while they stole my stuff! =))&quot:

Makes me think that a Siberian Husky is definitely not what you are looking for. As that is EXACTLY what most would do if a stranger came into the house! As a matter of fact my friend Marcia’s Husky would even assist you in breaking in by opening the deadbolt on the door for you! They are not protection dogs, or even watch dogs. They are very social and love everyone, period. Some robbers might be put off by their looks…until they licked their hand. Mine sometimes doesn’t even open her eyes when strangers ring the bell or knock at the door. There are of course exceptions to every rule, but they are few and far between.
German Shepherds tend to be a little more protective, if not of you, of territory. So they are less likely to invite a stranger in to steal all your stuff. As far as I know from experience, Golden Retrievers are much like Huskies in that they love everyone (which is a very good trait btw).
Really no one should be relying on a dog to offer any kind of protection, you should want to look out for your dog and it’s safety!
As for your other requirements, none of the spitz type dogs are considered &quot:easy&quot: to train. They are very intelligent but have kind of a &quot:what’s in it for me&quot: attitude that make training difficult at times. My friends who have Labs say that they are very easy to train, as are Standard Poodles. SP’s have been know to be used as guard dogs as well, though without training they are generally friendly towards strangers. They also don’t shed, though they do need regular grooming and clipping to maintain them. They have a slightly lower exercise requirement than the spitz breeds you mentioned and are generally fine in smaller spaces.
Why not look into the Standard Poodle, I think you will find that it can be all the things you are looking for! Seriously, give them a chance even if you are thrilled by the look, you might find that it is the perfect dog for you.

The shepherd retriever and husky probably wouldn’t be a good dog for apartments, these dogs need constant exercise because of their size. In my opinion the american eskimo sounds perfect for you.
Also: The golden retriever i suppose COULD do ok in an apartment, but those dogs do get bored quite easily… And you know how dogs make up their own fun.

In my adventure, the canines breeds that are the least probably to strengthen human aggression themes are the Pug, Beagle, English Bulldog, and Boston Terrier. i’ve got not relatively seen an occasion of any of those breeds that i might say had a severe aggression difficulty, even with the undeniable fact that I even have met a extensive decision worried Beagles. properly-bred Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Pit Bulls, and Greyhounds may be ideal up there besides. on the different hand are the breeds that are likely to be aggressive. I even have by no potential had a delightful adventure with a Yorkie. in certainty, of the 50 or so Yorkies that I even have encountered, i might say all 50 had some variety of aggression difficulty. Chow Chows, Akitas, and Chihuahuas are ideal up there besides. yet, i might say that the main aggressive canines breeds are the numerous breeds of Terrier from Scotland, the Scottish Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and Skye Terrier. Scotties and Westies particularly are very bitey canines.

Well as long as you can exercise it a husky would prolly be best especially if your looking for something a little protective. These dogs are be pretty dominate though so you’ll need to be sure your equiped to train it properly. American eskimos are EXTREMELY smart and can do pretty much anything you want them too they have a tendecy to use that intelligence to do other things too though. Wouldn’t reccomend golden just because they are much to friendly to be an effective protector. Hope this helps

Hi there,

You can research each of the breeds you mentioned above at either of the sites listed below to help you make your decision. They discuss temperament, trainability, types of exercise needed, etc.

Considering your daily runs/walks and the type of dog you are looking for (loyal, protective and not overly aggressive, easy to train), another breed that came to mind is the Vizsla. I just saw a documentary on them – they are beautiful dogs. Their weight ranges from 45-60 pounds – a good size dog, but they do need lots of exercise. Compared to the other breeds you mentioned, grooming for these dogs is fairly easy because they have a short coat.




German Shepherd….we have a GSD mix and used to have pure bred GSDs

They are very intelligent, not too hyper — but need exercise (both physical and mental), can live in hot/cold weather (not outside, of course). The way that they look, in itself, will be protection enough.
You dont need a dog for protection…dogs have to be specially trained for that and it costs thousands of dollars…a dog can bark and possibly warn you of danger…but you shouldnt expect your household pet to protect you from grave danger.

The Boxer is an extremely friendly dog and is medium sized. If u train them right they will be very protective over you like any other dog. They are very smart and loyal dogs. They are one of the friendliest out there. They are pretty easy to train due to how smart they are.

first check on your lease to see if you are even allowed a pet (this may decide it.. some leases forbid pets, some restrict the weight of the pet, while others require a special &quot:pet&quot: deposit)

most the first 3 breeds are larger dogs… we have an american eskimo and she only weighs 20lbs (5yrs old)… we have her nicknamed &quot:psycho&quot: … not sure if it’s just her or the breed

you sshould get the golden retriever cause my auntie’s had one named cinnamon and he’s really active nice if someones like runs away from him he bites and chases!!! I llove him you should not get a baby maybe medium aged!!

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