What were Donald Trump’s investigators finding in Hawaii that was so &quot:astonishing&quot:?

Coconuts and black sand, hula dancers and poi.

Apparently, that there is no real record of Obama actually being born there.

That’s why they came out with the Photoshopped one and yes, it IS Photoshopped. If you do not believe that, zoom in on the date under &quot:Date accepted by registrar&quot: and see what you think. That’s if you really need to do that and cannot see that it’s folded over on one side yet still surrounded by the background.

That they could be paid so much in expenses and per diem for &quot:looking for evidence&quot: in Hawaii.

The guy is a idiot but even I have not heard anything about that..

I don’t like Obama.

Don Ho is really Italian. Who knew?

The price of mai tais: outrageous!

birth certificate ink that takes 2 years to dry!!!! Oh hell more reality, more embarrassment for a sheep!!!!

obama was born in at least 3 hospitals

Hula girls

They discovered that you make love to an Obama blow up doll every night

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