MEN: Would you prefer a girl with real 32B/C cup breast or fake 32D/DD cup breast?

I know there are girls with real 32D/DD and also girls with fake 32B/C…
but I want to know ONLY out of the choices I gave:
Real 32B/C
Fake 32D/DD
Also…would your differ if the girl was short (4’11) or tall (5’8)
Would hair/skin/eye color also affect your decision as to which cup size you prefered…? ex: maybe the fake boobs look better because the girl is tan or vice versa.
*Please state whether you are a male or female.*
Thanks! 😀

I prefer breasts C cup and above, but I’m usually only attracted to real breasts, so real 32B/C. Fake breasts are only good when they don’t look over the top (like DD’s on a thin girl) and are very well done. Look up Krystal Forscutt.

It would depend on her whole appearance, especially her torso size. Don’t care if they are real or fake, but they must look good. A lot of fake D boobs look like deformed lumps on her chest…yuck! Short or tall does not matter, though again her body must look good. Hair/skin/eye color does not matter, though again she must look good. *Guy*

fake 32DD, preferably on a petite fair skinned slim waisted woman

I am male

real 32DD would be even better… or 32F better still… big cups are nice

I am a guy and if they’re not real than they are not for me…

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