How do you pronounce &quot:Arkansas&quot:?

Do you pronounce it:
1) ar-Kin-saw Without pronouncing the last s
2) ar-Kansas Kansas like the state

Numero Uno



Listen to the correct Arkansas pronunciation:

Lol, this was a funny question. But you pronounce it 1) ar-Kin-saw, without pronouncing the last &quot:s&quot:. Hope that helps.

If you are referring to a city, town, river, state or other place OUTSIDE of the borders of Kansas it
is pronounced as in example 1.
If you are referring to the same in Kansas it is pronounced as in example 2.

If you agree with all the posters that say it is exclusively pronounced as in example 1, then your
schools have failed you miserably……


number 1

Ar-kin-saw, baby! Ain’t you from the South?!


Im from Australia, but I pronouce it Ar-Kin-Saw

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