Do Catholics still believe that being left handed is sinister?

My Aunt is 73…. She was born left handed into a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools. During her first years of school the nuns tied her left hand behind her back and would smack her with a yardstick if she tried to use it. They informed her that it was sinister … Im assuming this doesn’t happen anymore, or ? This is absolutely true, oh and an interesting tidbit…she ended up being terrible at grammar and spelling possibly as a result of the wrong side of the brain getting forced.

My sisters and I went to state schools. Both sisters were beaten until they wrote with the right hand. The result was they write with both hands. Me? I was beaten because I couldn’t see (Nearly blind) and was classed as backward and was and with glasses at the age of 6 started to read and write. School age started at four and a half.
The beatings did put me off education but an English teacher used the last part of the lesson to read Ryder Haggar’s &quot:King Solomon Mines&quot:. If that’s what in books. I want to read.
Writing with a pen designed at the beginning if the last century (1900) did not help as ink readily left the nib covering the paper with spots. Thanks to Baron Biro my writing has improved.
I believe catholic schools were worse than mine.
The secretary in the office became extremely anti-catholic after the beating she received. (There was no love of God in that place only punishment and judgement.)

Left Handed Sinister

Left handed is sinister. This is simply the word &quot:left&quot: in Latin. I first attended Catholic School in 1971. I was never restricted for being left handed. This practice or trying to teach students to write with their right hand went out with the second Vatican Council ( 1962 )

This practice of teaching children to write with their right hands is because writing with your left hand will drag the palm across fresh ink smearing the letters. In the first grade 1969 (a public school), I had straight A’s except for penmanship. A left handed writer is simply not as legible.

Grammar and spelling have nothing to do with handedness. However, the negative memories of harsh discipline might have adverse effects.

Good Luck and God Bless

That wasn’t a Catholic thing, that was an education thing.

My husband’s family (all decidedly anti-Catholic, btw) forced him to give up being left-handed when he was a toddler by smacking his left hand every time he used it. His grandmother had learned this was the proper way to deal with a left-handed child at the state university she attended. For some odd reason, university education programs taught prospective teachers that left-handed kids would always be at a disadvantage.

The practice of &quot:retraining&quot: left-handed children wasn’t limited to Catholic schools. Many public school teachers and teachers at high class private schools — not Catholic — also believed everyone should be right-handed and did whatever they could to accomplish that. Most didn’t buy the sinister bit, but they did believe kids had two hands, a right hand and a wrong hand. This belief prevailed in many, if not all, all religions, cultures, and countries.

&quot:an interesting tidbit…she ended up being terrible at grammar and spelling possibly as a result of the wrong side of the brain getting forced.&quot:

An interesting tidbit: Anyone with the most cursory knowledge of neuroplasticity knows that to be utter nonsense.

A more likely explanation would be that your auntie is the offspring of one human and one large barnyard animal.

Back in the day that was a common thing. Its not something you can just pin on Catholics. When my left handed grandfather entered the Army in WW II, he was forced to learn how to write with his right hand.

It’s not just Catholics. I went to a non-denominational school – ie non-religious – but was made to write with my right hand and continually criticised for having terrible hand-writing.

I didn’t really realise I was left handed until I was in my teens.

Everybody didn’t like it much when I was a left-handed kid.
Nobody thinks twice now days, and I can use both hands for almost anything.
Only time in my life where abuse gained something for me too.

some do
what you have stated as the left and the right side of the brain is true.
but she should have been able to adapt like I did.

my parents tried to make me write with my right hand and they gave up after I entered grade school-4th grade: and I went on to college and graduated twice
from 2 different schools
now at the age of 62, I am gradually trying to teach myself to write with my write hand.

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