Ayn Rand got to collect MediCare and Social Security, why does the GOP think I shouldn’t collect mine?

That loser the GOP worshiped hated social programs, but that didn’t prevent her from collecting the $$$.
Why does the Republican Party want to keep me from collecting benefits I’ve paid into?


You can collect ALL of these things, and we would still have $400 BILLION left over. You’ve been brain-washed by the liberal lies spewed by Obama.

The Republican Party is trying to save both programs.

However, if you want to blame them just to feel and look good in front of your peers and the teenage libbies on here, I offer the following counsel since you asked:

The democrats have no plan. If things go as they are, one of two things will happen:

1) Our foreign creditors will wise up and quite loaning us money. That means the dems will have to balance the budget or you won’t get your check. Sure, you’ll be able to shout and scream at the GOP—until you starve to death or your lungs cave, whichever comes first, and you’ll have looked and felt good which will impress your liberal friends in a euology OR

2) Inflation will hit first and your check won’t even be worth the paper it’s printed on.

The only people who think you shouldn’t are the ones who are not seeing the need to fix the programs now.

The republican’s do not want to END the programs. But they are over fifty trillion in debt right now. Does that give you any confidence that you will be able to collect anything if something about it is not changed?


Just where is it that the GOP says that you shouldn’t collect &quot:your&quot: Medicare &amp: SS?

They’re trying to SAVE it for us, Einstein. The math simply doesn’t work if something is not done to tweak it. I’m 42 and contribute the MAX for SS every year. You think I’m happy about the situation?

We believe that you should be able to collect what you’ve put into it, though we believe that these are activities that the government never had any business getting involved in to begin with. Now that we unfortunately are stuck with those programs, we at least want them to be managed with fiscal restraint and responsibility.

Ayn paid in just like you did , however Ayn wasnt a living sponge either

Wow – what crap that Ayn Rand came up with!!! She apparently has become the sleazy bible for brain-dead right winger greed and stupidity.

Those are paid in not entitlement….why don’t you start a petition so that anyone can opt out kiddo.

You are aware that 0bama is talking of cutting them also….right?

You should be able to after they are reformed. If they aren’t reformed you surely won’t be able to unless you are old.

because you’re Joe, not ayne.

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