60s/ 70s Muscle cars – Cool or Not?

Personally I love Dodge Challengers and 69 Pontiac GTOs.
Do you like muscle cars? and if so, which do you like?

AC Cobra 427, ’68 427 Vette, ’70 340 Challenger. All three are awesome cars.

I agree. The Challenger is a beautiful car that handles like a train. Extremly quick with really any of the engine options aside from the 6 cylinder. Another favorite is the AC Cobra, COPO Camaro and Mercury Marauder X-100. As for being cool, Detroit will never put anything like thoes monsters out on the road again. And that in itself is way cool 🙂

When I was in High School….myself and 2 other friends had some mean cars. We beat everyone we raced…except we would never race each other to see who was best.

I had — 63 Chevy Impala 327 SS with 375hp solid lifter cam

Arthur had — 64 GTO with 2 four barrel carbs

Rich — 64 Dodge Polar with Police Interceptor cam

All our cars were 4 speeds…had to run premium gas…and sometimes we went to the local airport and bought some 145 octane AVGAS to add to our tanks when we went to drag strips.

The 1968 426 Hemi Dart. There are a few vids on those vid sites. A search of Hemi Dart and Hemi Dart 2 shows the best vids I found so far.
I guess &quot:Mr.Norm&quot: is bringing them back from old ’68 Darts,too. Pricey,tho.

Yes, 60s and 70s muscle cars are cool. Anything that is mopar is good in my book.

I love ’em all. I’ve owned a Cortez Silver ’69 Camaro SS since 1986.

please don’t even consider getting a beetle, it’s horrendous and ugly. you’ll get attention because it’s a chick car i personally love muscle cars, grew up and raised around them. i haven’t even got my license yet and i just ripped out a page from a car magazine … 67-69 camaros are my weakness most girls you won’t, but if a girl really appreciates the past, she’ll like the car older cars are more reliable, even if it is old, these cars today are pieces of plastic crap holp i helped =D

1970 Chevy Malibu Super Sport! Absolutely the coolest car in the universe, but expensive to drive and to maintain.

Plymouth Super Birds with the Texas Tail. The type Richard Petty use to race with.

69 chargers and 65 mustangs

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