2 yr old male dog trying to have sex with 13 week puppy?

hi, we decided it was time to get our male black lab a companion…today we bought a 13 week old female german shepard cross ridgeback…and when we introduced them they seemed to be fine except for the fact my male dog was trying to mount the pup…he also does this with other male dogs….it seemed to really bother the puppy as he tried to do it straight away then wouldn’t stop trying…the pup isn’t going to be desexed till atleast 4 months old and the male dog isn’t desexed yet….is this behaviour normal and what should i do?(the male will be desexed very soon)

It is dominant behaviour, not sexual and you had better correct this behaviour if he’s doing it to other dogs as well. One day he’ll pick on the wrong dog and you’ll have a dog fight on your hands. A dominant dog will not put up with being humped.
Humping is very bad dog manners.

Definitely dominant behavior. By the way, desexing will only make him unable to reproduce, it will not change his behavior. Desexed dogs, both males and females, will display mounting behavior if they have not been corrected.
Hopefully, you have done some obedience training with the Lab so he is amenable to correction. When he attempts to mount, or when you notice he is standing stiffly with his tail and head raised high, tell him NO or make a negative sound (such as AACK) and immediately demand he turn toward you and SIT. Then command him to DOWN. The Sit is to focus his attention on you (and away from the other dog or puppy) and the Down is to remind him that he is subordinate to you.
You need to get control of this situation before the little girl grows up and fights back.

Mounting is a display of dominance. Your male dog is trying to establish dominance over the female puppy. She’s too young to be in heat so it’s nothing to do with procreation. Definitely get him desexed as soon as possible but you’ll also have to train him not to mount because desexing may not stop this behavior since he’s already in the habit of doing it. I got my dog desexed when he was a year old (I’d just adopted him) and he still tries to mount on occasion.

Puppies Having Sex

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with sex. The fact your older dog is mounting your puppy, or any other dog has to do with dominance. Pure and simple.

Yes of course, as you have an entire male you will need to spay your female, when she is close to 6 months. And under the circumstances, it will be a good idea to get your male done asap – so there is no question of him being able to impregnate your puppy when she does come into season (if she comes into season before you can get her spayed).

Meanwhile, stop this behaviour on the part of your male and don’t leave them alone unsupervised – the size/weight difference could mean your puppy gets injured.

It is not possible for a dog to be a paedophile (learn to spell!). A paedophile is somebody who has sex with someone under the legal age of consent but as dogs do not have a legal age of consent and cannot be hurt emotionally by abusive sex like people can, paedophilia does not exist. A dog is aroused by another female dog that is of mating age (usually 6 months or above) and despite the fact that the dog may still be a puppy in that she is not fully developed, she is capable of pregnancy and whelping and that is all dogs are interested in. If most human beings still operated on the instinctive levels that animals do, girls that have only just started their period would be having sex, simply because she would be physically and biologically able to get pregnant. Age wouldn’t matter. Considering this pup is not of mating age, it is probably just that he is asserting his dominance over and nothing else.

For now, the male dog is asserting his dominance over the female puppy by mounting. This is perfectly normal and natural dog behavior.

Later on, the female may be mounting the male in a dominance display, as females (even de-sexed) are usually dominant over males in canine society.

To attempt to stop the dogs from expressing themselves in a perfectly normal and natural way would be silly. If you don’t allow them to do harmless, non-sexual mounting, they may well resort to fighting bloody battles to see who is the more dominant of the two, later on. Leave them be. It will pass in time.

He’s not trying to have sex with the pup if he does this with other male dogs as well. It’s a dominance thing. Trust me both my dogs have been spayed/neutered and he still tyred it on. However when we first brought our second dog home he tried to do it….. well lets just say he won’t be doing that again because well basically she wasn’t having any of it. Any way you shouldn’t let him do it. When he does it get him off your pup and tell him No. Although having them both spayed/neutered will help a lot.

Your male is trying to be dominant but you should get him neutered ASAP this will help a lot but when you see him trying to mount the puppy tell him no no because he could really hurt your little girl . Good luck

Dominance, yes. If you are going to neuter him(he won’t be desexed, he’ll still be of the male sex) then do it this week.

The female being a mutt plays nothing into this. Neither does him being a purebred lab.

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