Why isn’t Gary Johnson president?

I’m a foreigner, spare me. I mean, after watching and reading several things on how he wants a better America – I’m quite surprised. Why did no one pick him?

When will the US have a president that’s not democratic or republican?

Or better yet: What would be different if Gary Johnson were president?

No worries, sometimes we smart Americans feel like foreigners in our country.

Actually if you see the results of www.isidewith.com you see that the number of people that agree with Gary Johnson politically match the numbers of Obama and Romney.

However many of these people didn’t vote Johnson, they voted for the mainstream candidates (Obama and Romney) because of the much repeated lie of &quot:a third party vote is wasted&quot:, in my opinion, I believe that voting against your conscience is the true wasted vote.

An other lie that is believed by many of the populace is the lose-lose principle of &quot:vote for the lesser of two evils&quot: the obvious problem with that is that it presents a false dilemma – even foreigners such as yourself can see there are other options, much better options than voting for more evil.

There’s also a cultural problem among American voters, and probably worldwide voters, they treat politics like a tribe. &quot:If you’re not with us you’re against us&quot: mentality. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people vote for someone just because they have a little D or R (Democrat and Republican, respectively) after their name.

Furthermore, the Democrats and Republicans actually work together to keep third parties out of politics. After Ross Perot back in 1992, the Main parties got the raised the hurdles to enter the Presidential debates, all candidates must poll at least 15% support, but how can they get more voters if they can’t get in the debates? Catch-22.

When the public admits that both parties are wrong, then we’ll see a third party, but people rarely admit that they are wrong (I’m sure you’ve had the misfortune of knowing people that blame everyone but themselves.)

If Gary Johnson was President, it would shake up the two parties, proof that a third party candidate is viable would encourage more people to take a third option, to have more choices. It would encourage more people to think about their votes, thus the two parties (which have high dissatisfaction rates) would be bleeding seats. As for policies, I do not know that answer as the Main parties could go after Johnson, or use Johnson to go after eachother.

Gary Johnson isn’t president because he’s insane. He calls for a straight tax system across the board, so anyone who is poor gets taxed the same as someone who is rich. The US may never have a president who isn’t a Democrat or Republican, There simply aren’t enough votes for it. Many Americans see Constitutionalist Party members and Libertarians as pulling away from the main vote. And it’s nearly impossible to get in nowadays as a Republican because most lower class today are Democrat, and don’t want a president who will fix the country and take away Welfare.
Obama getting in means more tax on the middle class: there should be a certain percentage of what people earn that is taxed, not based on income. This encourages people to not work, because quite honestly it would be a lot easier.

The average american is lazy, they don’t really want to think and analyze data. Many flat out lack the abilities to do that from an unbiased perspective.
Majority of republican voters will vote republican just because. They already decided in 2016, 2020,2024…etc, they are voting republican. Same with the democrats. On that note, they blindly side with their party. No matter what they say, they agree they are right. Sorta like how some people think their favorite sports team is the best, even when they are having a bad year.

AN example is the trickle down economics the republicans love to talk about. over simplified version is: make it so that a rich person can get richer by opening a factory in america vs a third world country. Then they’ll go spouting off about thats how to fix our country…..i’m not saying its right or its wrong…..just they got no actual clue, but their party said thats what works, so they adhere to it.

The other factor is the two main parties spent billions of dollars on their campaigns. Gary Johnson had about 3 million i believe. So to learn about the other parties, you sat on your sofa and watched tv…also got bombarded with ads everytime you went online.
For gary johnson, you had to first say…..&quot:hey i wonder who else is running for president&quot:. Then spend time doing some research. Thats a minority of americans.

Will Gary put the wishes of the 95% of us who include the working type first? Is he willing to ignore the reactionaries that currently possess the GOP? Will he stay clear of the unconventional clerics of the ‘Christian correct’ and the ‘professional-life’ lunatics? Will he stop each of these unwinable wars and work to scale down our bloated military to a rational dimension? Will he return the tax code to what it used to be throughout the Clinton administration? Will he back universal wellbeing coverage? Will he work toward a scientific technique in relation to environmental policy? Will he denounce the correct wing radio dummies and restoration the equity Doctrine? Will he be the pal of unions? Will he crack down on individuals who rent unlawful aliens? Will he work toward a exchange coverage that benefits the USA? All of those things and more are essential to our nation within the 21st century. The Republicans are on record as opposing ALL of them, so exactly what can Gary convey to the table that even the worst of democrats won’t? If Gary was for even some of the above there is zero threat his celebration would nominate him. I am inclined to hear, but for now i’m sticking with Barack for one more 4 years….I believe a variety of different people will keep on with him as well.

We’re too split as a country.

Right now, people vote republican simply because they label themselves a republican, and the same for the democratic side. Very few people actually look at the issues.

That’s America for you. Picking the least beneficial person as President.

I don’t know what would be different if he was the President, but it’d probably be good to have a change. Too bad America is stuck in its ways.

i picked him but my american borthers are retarded or at least misinformed. Most of the people only think there are 2 choices: they don’t even know who gary johnson is.

@Lincoln- Shut the **** up. I’m young and black and voted for Gary Johnson because I’m not a sheep. Gary Johnson was the best candidate in my eyes.

I agree, until we get rid of the two party system we are just rats in a maze making right and left turns being guided to the choice.

to be honest, people are too stupid to vote for liberty….

they vote for the same puppet controlled by big banks, corporations, and zionist israel. FACT

Which states did he win?

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