Why is Obama so against the sequester if it was his idea in the first place?

According to White House Council of Economic Advisers chairman Alan Krueger, “While the recovery was gaining traction before sequestration took effect, these arbitrary and unnecessary cuts to government services will be a headwind in the months to come, and will cut key investments in the Nation’s future competitiveness.

And people say Romney flip flops? Just look at our president!

Because he is a gutless, spineless coward who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions.

Do you remember why the sequester grew to become into as quickly as put in concern? certainly not, or you does not be attempting to blame the President. It grew to become into as quickly as put in after the Republicans rejected the products progressed for the period of the SuperCommittee, even inspite of the incontrovertible fact that they integrated $10 in spending cuts for each $one million in tax will boost. in distinctive words, it have been given right here into life as a results of reality Republicans could not compromise. And the SupreCommittee and the sequester have been a consequence of the Tea occasion childrens attempting to refuse to lift the debt ceiling and hazardous to deliver the country into default, which might generally have destroyed it. The sequester was once presupposed to be so poor that the two sides could attain some form of compromise to make certain that it to not ensue. Now, it form of feels that that was once now not sufficient motivation for the Republicans. whether that is projected to take a 4% chew out of the GDP, they want their approach, no be counted what it does to the country. Later, having killed the entire social programs they’d get to, they’re going to introduce expenditures to enhance investment to the risk-free practices funds, hoping to make Democrats look &quot:susceptible on risk-free practices&quot: in the event that they vote against it. Do you do not ignore now?

yea an we gotta change his title yet again… flipper in chief , and how can you tell if Barry is LYING???… his lips are moving, he SAYS one thing and turns right around and does the exact oppisit, good example … GITMO ( that’s just ONE of his Promises hes broken ), an I’m one of the ones (still) waiting for his Jobs he was going to &quot:create&quot: as I got layed off about 18 months ago and finding a job ( Even WITH a degree AND practical experience ) you would THINK I could get a job, but alas I am &quot:overqualified to even flip burgers at Mc Ds

The reps refused to negotiate … AGAIN … that’s why their disapproval rating is so atrocious …


Some day, the rest of us hope the rep congress will return to representing the majority again … not just their wealthy campaign donors.

As has been explained here, many times, sequester was part of the Budget Control Act of 2011, which was a response to congressional Republican hysterics over raising the debt ceiling.

Sequestration was supposed to force negotiations. Negotiations failed due to Republican intransigence. Sequestration automatically took effect.

As President Obama has pointed out, these cuts will hurt our economic recovery.

He’s not. He’s doing a PR stunt.

Just look at what he’s saying it’s taking from: children’s funds, White House Tours and low income families.

*heart tug*

Meanwhile, he’s cutting 5% of his income ($20,000, wow!) in his usual, self-righteous attention-grabbing manner to &quot:pitch in and share in the suffering.&quot:

As he’s making millions in book sales, and going on multi-million dollar vacations.


So many Obama-lovers hating on the facts.. go figure.

Because he’s a liar.
1st) The sequester didn’t hurt the economy at all
2cnd) He over exeggerated to have something to blame on Republicans

He wanted to find some white guy to blame it on.

He was hoping that congress would get off their @sses and compromise on a better solution.

He didn’t execute it though. Republicans did. You see what i did there?

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