Why does the GOP say that Dems are anti business when the biggest corporations usually go Dem?

Most of Wall St. are registered Dems and gave big to Obama’s and Clinton’s campaigns along with Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Harpo, etc. All are huge businesses that support the Dems and even Donald Trump was a Dem until this year (I don’t believe it.) GOP makes it seem like the Dems are anti business though. How is that when the biggest US corporations support them?

Big Business supports both Parties for obvious reasons. They need to be on the side of the winners.

Excellent question.

Democrats aren’t anti-business, more accurately they are anti-free trade. Democrats only support businesses who support them. People call this ‘corporate-cronyism’. One excellent example is Obamacare. Once Obamacare takes effect, everyone will be mandated under penalty of law to purchase health insurance. BUT you can’t just buy any old health insurance, you have to buy from companies that are (literally) approved by the Obama administration. General Motors, Goldman Sachs, General Electric and many others profited greatly from all of the stimulus funds that the government doled out. Other companies had to brave the recession alone.

Republicans believe in allowing people and businesses to keep their own money so that they can do with it as they wish. This provides a competitive free-trade market where the business with the best product and the lowest prices wins, rather than the business who is the best at brown nosing politicians.

There is a difference between &quot:winning big business&quot: and &quot:buying big business&quot:, not to mention you are using wall street as your example? Where did Wall Street get all this money when they needed $700 billion to bail them out of a crisis in 2009?

Then why do Dems. demonize business?
Dems. practice crony capitalism with paper pushing Wall Street, not companies that provide real jobs.

Because the dems are anti-capitalists.

Many so-called big businesses are now dependent on government funds and laws that help them steal your tax dollars.

Can you say: Franklin Raines?

Here’s your list of the ten largest Corporate donors… It breaks down which side receives how much.

The hyprocisy of the left is beyond astounding!

big corporations support both sides of government. historically democrats are the party against big business.which is why we call them hypocrites for only attacking big oil etc.

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it’s amazing what you can buy with tax payer’s money. even dem votes.

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