Why does anyone like College Football?

I find it redundant to watch when:
1) The AP poll ranks all the same programs every year, usually based on reputation not merit.
2) The same schools recruit all the best prospects(Ohio State, Florida, Texas, ect..)
3) Cheating scandals usually involving dumb jocks incapable of a decent GPA without coach paying someone do do his homework.
4) Awful marching band music, I’m pretty sure anyone playing a clarinet must be asexual.
5) Too many teams, who has time to look through college scoreboards and analyze every play by play? It also means the talent pool is far more diluted than in the pros. For every Rex Grossman in the NFL, there’s gotta be like 50 in the NCAA.
6) Bowl Game sponsors are annoying! What if the Superbowl were sponsored by Brawny Paper towels?
7) Hideous uniforms, aside from looking totally amateurish with QB’s wearing ankle socks and keeping sticker collections on their helmets, teams get too creative with uniforms. Maryland’s unis look like Picasso designed them.
8) Those lame College chants, Roll Tide sounds more like instructions on a laundry machine.
9) No team is actually located anywhere, it’s bad enough the NBA has franchises in Charlotte, NC and Portland, OR.

Hey we played Bowling Green last week and their were a bunch of fans here! haha. I don’t like college football either for some of the same reasons you have. Cocky SEC fans tick me off, cocky freshman are annoying, it’s all about college football while other sports get overshadowed and under appreciated, it takes up too much time on ESPN, it’s all I hear about at school at work everywhere, tailgaters are annoying as (expletive) and sometimes racist towards asians, people pretend to know all about football when they really know jack (expletive) aside from what they hear on sportscenter, division 2 and 3 get no recognition when other divisions and NAIA have a substantial amount of influence in professional sports, it’s all POLITICS when it comes to recruiting/playing time…i can’t tell you how many people get recruited because their brother played/plays here even when they suck, cornhole and beer are the lamest things in the world and that’s all i see for pre-gaming which leads to obnoxious drunk people, i live by the stadium and i can’t get out or to my apartment because roads are closed, college football is all my anatomy teacher talks about, fight songs/chants are so incredibly annoying.

want a real sport that takes actual talent to play? play/watch soccer. a soccer player has to have the vision and precision of a quarterback, the endurance, strength, and quick feet ability of a halfback, the defensive tracking capabilities of safeties and corners, and of course the distance, accuracy, and depth perception of a kicker. why do you think we give colleges all of our rejected soccer players for kickers and punters lol? we don’t end up disgustingly overweight after our time with sports is over either lol. it’s the most popular sport in the world for a reason (3.5 billion fans!) . the world cup is bigger than the superbowl, world series, and nba finals combined. the only thing bigger is the olympics. Manchester United (go red devils!) is worth an estimated 1.8 billion dollars USD….the most valuable sports team in the world. the largest sports stadium in the world is a soccer stadium in n.korea with an estimated 150,000 person max. capacity. soccer (real football) basically rules the world.

didn’t really mean to go off on soccer though :P. i just really can’t stand college football lol. i have trouble rooting for my own university

edit: don’t get me wrong though, i do enjoy playing fantasy football and cheering for my nfl teams. i also like playing football because its fun 😛

It’s one thing to not like something, but it’s usually not a good idea to make yourself look like an idiot while doing it. I can’t say I’ve ever been to either of them but when did Charlotte and Portland become small towns in the middle of nowhere? And you run down college chants, but I doubt you can name 3 NFL team chants. I could tell you 3 chants from just about every major college conference off the top of my head.

Some college teams do have bad uniforms but you can say that about a lot of NFL teams too.

College football is just more exciting than the NFL. Other than a few minor variations here and there just about everybody in the NFL runs the same basic type of offense. There’s more offensive variety just in the SEC than in the entire NFL, and that’s comparing 12 teams to 32 teams. It doesn’t mean nearly as much as it used to but there’s still a sense of loyalty in college football you don’t see very much in the NFL. Outside of a few NFL stadiums the crowds at college games are much more into it than they are in the NFL. It’s a better atmosphere overall.

And I really can’t believe you said college fans are worse about jumping on the bandwagon than NFL fans. If that had been earlier in your post I would have quit reading after that point. You really don’t pay much attention do you?

You are one of the smartest people in this section and I am surprised you are asking something like this.

You can’t exactly tell that places like Austin, Seattle, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and Pittsburgh are not located anywhere.

These are the reasons why I love college football.

1) Even for Division III schools, home games are big events.

2) Loyalty, if a player went to Arizona State he will be forever a Sun Devil, and if he went to Colorado he will always be a Buffalo. In the NFL a player easily switches from Dallas to Washington if he is going to get more money

3) Overtime is awesome and both teams have the same chances. It does not depend on a coin toss.

4) Pregame atmosphere is so much better.

5) Cheerleaders. Yes, college cheerleaders really perform acrobatic routines. NFL cheerleaders are basically sophisticated dancers.

6) Trick plays. They don’t exist in the NFL.

7) Rivalries. This is really a My State vs. Your State.

I have decided to waste an answer on this.
Sure, a lot of the ‘good players’ go to big school with good football programs. However, not every school is in the same conference / division etc.

I am slightly offended that you would introduce the stereotype of the &quot:dumb athlete&quot:. Yes, I have met some football player who struggle with grades. BUT, I have met football players who work hard for their classes. In my elementary astronomy class, one of the brightest guys is a member of the football team. Not all football players are dumb.

My college marching band plays current pop hits, oldies, and lots more. They are decent arrangements. Also, as a clarinet player myself, I can guarantee that I do not reproduce by myself.

Too many teams: I will repeat that there are different conferences and divisions.

So what if bowl game sponsors are annoying? The point is that they are (normally) making money.

My university’s football team has normal uniforms…I do not see random stickers on helmets, so I am not sure where you are seeing that…

Also, for a school, football games bring in money. For many public schools, this extra money is a good thing. I am not a fair weather fan. I will forever cheer for my alma mater.

1) I can agree with you. A 12-0 Sun Belt team can be unranked while a 6-6 Big 10 team can be #12 in the nation.
2) Players like the winning schools.
3) There are about 100 athletes involved in scandals out of about 14,000.
4) College bands are much better than NFL bands. Don’t agree? Your probably heavily biased.
5) Who does?
6) The bowl games are excessive, yes.
7) Pro football uniforms look the same: team logo and team colors….
You are biassed. I’m not wasting any more time with you.

Completely agree. I find College Football to be stupid compared to the NFL

I’ll like to know how &quot:No Rex Ryan&quot: is a good thing…. Rex only brings excitement and a new style to football. He’s also great at getting people talking

Agree with #2 and #5 the most and why I don’t watch it. Though, I’ll say the ONLY thing it has over the NFL would be SOME uniforms, with the rest being ugly.

College football is very popular, more popular then the nfl, and for current or former college students or even fans that didn’t go to college like it because of the atmosphere it’s a college atmosphere and u really have to be in college to understand it.

I don’t like it because the FBS tries so hard to make you bekieve its &quot:on the level&quot: but it just isn’t. The best players go to the biggest schools because they get more under the table benefits and the lesser programs stay there year after year with no hope of ever competing but they still want to have 120 teams in 1 division with 90 that can never compete for the title.

9 reasons to love College football:

1.Most players play to win, not for money.
2.Awesome rivalry games
3.They don’t cost 200$ a game
4.The &quot:Underdog&quot: teams are always fun to watch
5.It’s unpredictable
6.The BCS is amusing
7.No Rex Ryan
8.Not as many bandwagon fans
9.No cheeseheads

Edit:Exactly, watching Ohio State get whipped is amusing. As for bandwagon fans… How many people AREN’T fans of either the Cowboys, Saints, Packers, Steelers, Patriots and Ravens?

Look at this new poll… http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdow…

The top 5 teams all made the playoffs last year. I think like 1, maybe 2 of the bottom 10 made it to the playoffs last year.

Are you dumb? Watch a grambling game and tell me their band sucks…and most college bands are good anyway

The polls don’t matter so don’t complain

The chants are what makes playing at home so great in college

Not located anywhere?? Go to Madison and tell me that’s no where

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