whre can i create a blog to earn money?

actually i wanted to post articles of some filmstars or may be some game or promoting a product or about science and earn money so which will be the best website for me to create a blog,

http://www.blogger.com is a good option.
However if you really want to earn money you’ll need a very original topic and a lot of patience. The internet is a hard place to make good money.

Though it gets easier once you can figure it out. But it’s not easy and if you’re really after money you should know it is a very very difficult road. However the rewards can be great if you can achieve it.


Go to blogger.com and create a blog! Not only is it one of the easier platforms to work with, but it is also integrated with adsense from the start (it’s a gadget you can add to your layout). Almost all advertisers also offer a &quot:blogger friendly&quot: version of their ad code so you can quickly copy and paste into your blog.

Also, if you choose to talk about games, I highly recommend you check out the Big Fish Games affiliate program. They offer a great mult-tiered system and are considered one of the top portals for casual games. For more info on how their program works, see http://pnp.bigfishgames.com/?afcode=afd16cef88ce

If you want to make money with your blog then it helps to have help, believe me.

This is one of the best blogging products on the market if you want to make money with your blog.


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