who will win sachin 10dulkar or India?

generally it happens that sachin wins and India loose he like to take care of his records

isn’t he ?don’t lie to me man

i enjoyed those days when sachin and sourav were thirsty for each others blood , so interesting world cup ,but now sachin has now rivals he kicked both vinod kamble and sourav ganguly [probably john right too do you remember , with the help of sharad pavar oh my god he is such a good politician]

now its no good to watch cricket indian player are so decent this time and they play this GENTLE MENS so perfectly as they are English folks

so guys there are no more Indians in India except shrisant -he is macho man he want to kick your *** not gay like T
so its gonna be four English countries Australia ,England ,South Africa and india

Flew in from Miami Beach, BOAC
Didn’t get to bed last night
On the way the paper bag was on my knee
Man, I had a dreadful flight

I’m back in the USSR
You don’t know how lucky you are, boy
Back in the USSR

oh boy

You could have briefed it with one simple line that you’re on hash/hemp.

What’s it Cocaine or Marijuana?

It seems you are talking from not any Miami Beach, not any flight, not any USSR, or not from Pakistan, but you are talking silly from straight criminal den. How dare you name &quot:T&quot: as a &quot:gay&quot:? We are not children that we shall not understand the meaning that by hinting &quot:T&quot: whom you are mentioning a &quot:gay&quot: in the Indian cricket team. You come to India, and we shall show you who is a gay. Mr. &quot:T&quot: will enter the handle of his famous bat in your &quot:big&quot: &quot:mouth&quot: on the other side, so that you will understand who is a gay.

It is not so.It’s always the country win &amp: not the indivdiual.

Talk to me when you are out of your delirium.

Wow sir, go to ur bloody SL….

You don’t have enough qualities to be insulted by me.

both will win or both will lose

you are either mad or a pakistani or both

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