What Zodiac Sign falls in love the easiest?

BQ: What Zodiac Sign takes a long time to fall in love?

I think Pisces and Libra fall in love the easiest.
BQ: I think Aquarius and Scorpio.


I agree with you that Pisces generally “fall” in love the quickest, even though it highly doubtful that it is real love. I had a guy in high school that “loved” me every Friday night after we made those car windows steam up (yes we did it in the car when I was a teenager) but on Monday at school he would just say “Hi.” Now that’s not love but I continued seeing him every Friday night for about 5 years. Yes I really did love him but he didn’t love me. This is just an example of how Pisces will hang onto someone even though we know that we aren’t wanted for the long run. But he was a Capricorn and was worth it. Very competent and still have happy memories! That was a long time ago but we don’t forget “greatness” when it touches our life. Even if it is just for awesome sex!

BQ: I think that Capricorn takes a long time to fall in love because they really think things through to make sure that they are choosing the proper mate. One that has the same ideals and goals for their future together. Capricorn chooses their mates with the same care that a carpenter uses, “Measure twice, Cut once.” And so it is for Capricorn.

Hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you as always. I wish you well.

I’m a cancer sun libra rising and aries moon and it’s super hard for me to fall in love with one specific person.. From my experience I would say a Pisces is easiest to fall in love lol or Virgo

Easiest: Pisces.
BQ: Capricorn and Scorpio

I agree with heartss!

I am a Libra as well and I have only been in love once and I’m still with him today(Leo) an it took me over a year to completely fall for him.
I have been in strong like but I know the difference between strong like, lust, and love.
I think Pisces and Scorpios fall in the love the easiest.
I think Capricorn take the longest to fall in love, they want to make sure that the girl/guy is worth their time and love.

if something is happening too fast there’s usually something wrong with it.

first of all, pisces and libra is an inconjunction. libra being 7th house and venus, very superficial. they will think you are cool or good looking and want you. nothing more than that. *snap* i fall in love. physical, practical.

pisces completely otherwise, they want to devote themselves to this one single person and they are not physically perfectionists. their starting point is an ideal, holiness of love, so they fall in love fast too, as you don’t have to be more than average. they won’t act quickly like librans, usually spending a few years in platonic mode too.

if something takes too long, that’s a problem too.

aqua wants friendship and casual fvcking. or a friend they can fvck. no holiness and you don’t have to be super cool too. hell, how you can even compare these signs while what they understand from love so different?

and aries will just hit on everyone they come across and fvck the ones that are willing.

scorpio expect you to accept that it’s them who has the reins. you don’t accept? they will find someone else. pride.

zodiac is a nuthouse.

I think Leos fall in love the easiest. After all, Leo does rule the heart.

bq: Gemini, Capricorn, and Aquarius. I should know, I have all three signs in my chart and I fall in love very slowly. Its takes someone very special and charismatic to capture my heart. Which is why I’ve only so far been in love once.

I’m an aries and I gotta say, we fall inlove the easiest although we try to hide. And the slowest is libra, no joke! They lie and say “I love you” and shit like that but they don’t really love you! They’re just saying that.

Pisces and Cancer fall in love easily. Always looking for that special someone.

Libras and Capricorns take their time. Always looking for options even after they have that special someone.

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I was going to say Pisces. But I’m a Libra and it takes a lot for me to fall in love. Actually I have only been seriously in love once in my life.

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