What are some of the best looking cars for under $5000?

It would be for a first car. Any ideas on what car looks nice and goes for under 5k?

Mazda 3 or a Mazda 6. Both cars have a good mix of performance, style, and practicality in any trim.

Older mustang or camaro, scion tc, toyota celica, mazda miata, integra gsr, early model rx7

why do need a car that has good looks to pick up chicks ! ill tell u something its a mith , unless u have a car over a hundered thousand dollars that attracts gold diggers haha

To each their own. What I consider a good looking car and what you would can be two completely different tastes.

Higher mileage Scion TC’s

Chrysler PT’s


1980’s Toyota supra or 80’s rx7 two best looking cars for around that price!

Lt1 camaro or fox body mustang

Chevy Caviler, or Pontiac Grand AM

1999 ford mustang

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