Toddler can hold in her poop for days on end?

Ever since non-infancy, my 2 1/2 y/o daughter has never been a big pooper so to speak—she’s always gone 2-3 days without any poop, then would have a nice soft one. But for the last couple of months, she does this thing where she’s acting like she hates poop and is afraid to do it so she will literally hold it in until it goes back in. This is creating the vicious cycle of constipation. And before you give me suggestions, I’ve already almost everything to break this—last month I took her to urgent care bc she hadn’t pooped for 5 days. that was after many cups of prune juice as well. then they prescribed her miralax to take daily for 2 months until she poops 1-2 times a day, soft movements too. well I didnt do as followed only 1x a week bc I thought it would bne better or she’d get addicted. but now I realize I should do whats prescribed, so for the last 3 days I’ve given her miralax everyday in her berry-veggie juice for kids. i also have improved her diet by giving her more fruits and veggies like zucchini, tomatoes, grapes, broccoli, etc. Getting her to eat them is sometimes tricky, but she is getting bettertat eating them. This has been for the past few days. Oh she also eats avocadoes. I cut down on milk and have subbed probiotic frozen yogurt by yoplait for calcium and orange juice, so she only drinks 8 oz of 2 percent milk a day now instead of 20 oz she was drinking. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat, and though her diet has improved, she still drinks more than she eats. Today I caught her holding it in again, first she said my tummy hurts and I said do you have to poop? it’s ok if you do, everybody poops and she got really mad and ran off. then I tried to encourage her to go on the potty but she refused and I wont make her bc I heard that’s counter-productive.
it has been since Tuesday since she had a bm and it was very hard and large and you couldn’t even push it at all it was so hard. she cryed for like 5 min before and after.
I called the advice nurse yesterday and she said if nothing happens by monday to take her in to her dr. to be further evaluated since this is on-going.
I am getting so sick of worrying about this all the time and just want her to poop. I dont know why she acts so scared of it, I have never forced her to be potty trained, i have tried it may times but never force her to go on it. I never make it seem gross that she poops in her pants still. I always tell ehr it’s okay to poop and name all the people we know and that they poop too (lol). But she still acts like it’s something awful.
oh and my mil was watching her when she had the large hard poop and described it to me. And she’s not even a worryer like I am, but she said she’s worried she’s gonna get an obstruction and that’s what I’m afraid of too.
She’s still playing and laughing and acting energetic so she still feels good.
any one else have experience with this with their toddler/preschooler? and any idea why she/they does this? is it psychological, physical, or both? and is there anything else I can do?
also I am scared of doing suppositories—they are invasive and traumaztizing, and I dont even know how to do them.

My daughter holds her poop for about a week at a time. It got really bad. This last poop she bled. I have been giving her salads more now, because she loves salads and they make her go daily. Also because I still breastfeed at night, I take a laxative and she gets it through my milk and goes daily. If you don’t breastfeed however, you can either do a teaspoon of Kayro Syrup or my pedi recommended Miralax. My mom told me I use to be the same way, but back then they just did Kayro Syrup and that worked for me but before they did suppositories with me… and my mom said I screamed in pain because they are VERY irritating to your bowels, but back then there was only so much you could do. . Since my daughter loves salads and it seems to work, I am sticking with the natural laxative I take and salads. She since then has pooped daily and they are normal size and consistency. She does not strain or try to hold it. I am happy!

As for it being psychological, I have no idea. I know Freud has a few ideas on the matter and who knows he could be right. I knew something was wrong when my daughter was waking up every 30 mintues crying bc she was holding it. Now she does not do that. She was always fine during the day, it was at night that it really bothered her.

Well, I have experience of this – my daughter went through hell, making herself constipated by refusing to co-operate with potty training.

It may sound horrible to you, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the old, coercive method is the best way to deal with this. Especially when you consider the short and long term health consequences of chronic constipation. It’s the method where you place her on the potty/toilet and make her sit there for 5-10 minutes, and if she can’t or won’t do a smelly, put a glycerine suppository in her and make her sit until it works. And repeat for several days and eventually she should take the hint and start doing a smelly without assistance.

As for how to give suppositories – here’s my standard spiel:
The easiest ways to give them are:
a) give it while she’s in the bath – the water loosens the sphincter and you can easily manipulate her into an insertable position (legs up or on tummy)
b) after a bath, put her over your lap – heads down, tails up – and make sure you have some lubricant handy, unless they’re the glycerin suppositories with a gelatin base (&quot:jelly bombers&quot:) in which case they’ll slip in after being dipped in a bit of water.

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My grandson is 4 yrs. old and he will hold on to his poop for a few days, he only poops once or twice a week , I get so anxious about this and I have talked to him about this. My solution was to offer him a diaper for poop only and it works, Other people that know about this think I am doing wrong by him.. My thought on that is I love him and I believe I am doing the best I can for him and would not do anything to harm him.

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Toddler Holds In Poop

hi my 2 and half year old son the same ive had a nightmare with him from being born he goes 7-8 days without going i now have to give him suppositories as nothing else worked even changing his diet just keeo taking her to doctors till they give you something that works 🙂 x

It may take her getting an obstruction and having to go through them digging it out manually, which is painfull, and having IVs(needles) put in her arm to get her to go when she needs to.

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do you let your daughter watch you poop?
she is most likely picking up on your anxiety about the situation of her pooping.

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