Senior Citizens! , Friday night again here in the U.k. may I offer up another of my poems for your perusal?..?

This one I called!…I Remember That!………………..Do you remember, when we were just kids?, And played Tip the Cat! with old biscuit tin lids!. And Knocky- nine Doors, especially at night. Or how scary ghost stories, gave us a fright! With Boolers and hoops, we thought we were kings. Remember those cakes, made with clay and old tins!. And skipped to, Salt Mustard Pepper we all did these.. And other skipping songs, we all did with ease. And school days now gone, remember the Stick ?, And how we got a taste of it, for playing the Nick., Remember the Smokes,we had on the sly, And kites were the only things, that got High?. And bath nights on Fridays, in front of the fire, And garden swings, made from old worn tire, Hand me downs, home made, those were our dress. And no one said You are a mess!. A Pennoth of sweets, on a Saturday morn. A clout across the ear, if best clothes got torn!. Sunday School, pictures, Jesus and Hymns, These were some of our child- hood things!. AND YET, WE WERE HAPPY, OR IT SEEMED SO? AND WITH REGRET, I LET THEM ALL GO!……………

That’s super Thomas, really fired me up……. If I can find some old pram wheels I’ll build a trolley in the morning.

Yes you may and thank you, I loved it.

My memories of childhood, was living in the country, all of us kids at night would catch firefly’s and put them in a jar….it was so much fun….

You brought back childhood memories, good memories indeed..

Thank you Mr. Thomas.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Me, I am headed to Paris, Kentucky until Oct 4th, yep it is The Secretariat Yearly Festival,gonna be so much fun…..Ms. Penny Chenery and Ronnie is jockey will both be there to sign autographs….I am gonna have a nice long trip and a blast for sure.

Wonderful Thomas! Except for a few things mentioned, this was the same in the US too! Have a great weekend.

Being a 53 year old American I can’t say I do remember any of that. Yet now I feel I have been there. Thank you so much for taking me on this jouney. I need a nap &amp: look forward to chatting with you later. Much, much appreciation!!!

Lovely poem. Your English games sound like much more fun than the U. S. ones. More interesting names. Thank you

Love it Thomas, take a bow.Fun memories.

Just wonderful Thomas, this has to be one of your best and they are ALL great.

Great poem, Thomas…as usual!

Well observed and written Thomas, thank you for poetically recalling those ‘days of yore’.

Love it. Yes it was just like that!!!

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