Rush Limbaugh is Obama paying him off to Destroy the Republican Party?

First of All We are independent but we was wondering…

Rush Limbaugh is running independents away from the Republican Party like Hurricane Katrina and ike combined.

Did Obama pay Rush Limbaugh Off to Destroy the Republican Party?

Did he pay off Sarah Palin as well? Seriously, you know better than that.

Limbaugh has no impression over the Republican celebration. If he did, McCain on no account would have been the nominee. The Republican celebration would not choose independents. those have been people who have been given McCain in and finally voted for Obama interior the 1st place. So, if he’s “chasing independents away,” then it could purely be a reliable subject in view that they have been those to sink the celebration interior the final 2 election cycles. Limbaugh desires to hold Conservatism and Reaganism lower back to the Republican celebration. that’s what the celebration (and this united states desires). So talked approximately as “independents” will determine that out in 4 years while the country is not greater suitable (or probable worse off) than it relatively is as we talk. (My wager is which you’re too youthful to bear in recommendations what the Carter administration replaced into like). you will learn.

Rush is an ego maniac..I have listened to him for years..He is starting to actually believe his nonsense .. There was a time when he made sense but not now..When the so called Republicans cannot or will not stand up to him , it shows how bad the party has become..What are they afraid of ? He is just a talk show entertainer with his ” ditto head ” followers..I am enjoying his antics..You can listen and watch a comedian and not have to pay to get in !

Swamp shrub Limebah has been harming the republican party long before anyone ever heard of obama. I haven’t seen obama do much so far that I’d give him credit for, especially not something that grand.

You know you sound like the same people who came out so strongly against Sarah Palin’s VP pick. Maybe it is the fear that your beloved Democrat party is about to screw the pooch and drive us into a depression with the socialist/ communist economics that should worry you more than if Obama has Rush or Rush has Obama on the ropes.

No, Rush is getting more attention and even more money, and might not even care if he destroys the GOP. Or he would shut the hell up.

You got it. Can’t fool a highly intelligent pair like you! We’ll miss you.

Do you have some evidence of that, or did you hear it from Obama?

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