Potty training: plastic potty? potty seat? or adult potty?

My daycare has a (very cute mind you) little toilet that looks and functions just like the real thing, but it is half the size. This is perfect for the little ones to use while potty training…
… however, I don’t have one of those at home. We have the regular adult size toilet and a little plastic one for my son, who is 2. He doesn’t like either of our options… the plastic one is different than mommies so he doesn’t like it, and the adult one is too big… so he falls in!

Should we buy a potty seat so that he can sit on our potty? Keep trying with the plastic little one, or suck it up and hold him for countless minutes while he sits on the adult potty (so he doesn’t fall in.)

🙂 Thanks!

if he is wanting to use yours, buy a potty seat and let him try it out – they arent that expensive…..

You can buy a potty seat he can use on the adult potty, or you can make him use the little one. Either way you’ll probably have to stay in the bathroom with him until he goes for the first few months of potty training. Don’t expect him to be able to go in there and take care of it himself.

Grab a book and plant yourself until he goes. Don’t make it stressful. You can offer a reward of some kind if he uses either potty (like two m&amp:m’s). Be patient even if he’s not and don’t worry. Training takes time.

The thrill of potty training! My son’s pediatrician endorsed that you wait unless close to 3 years old to potty training boys. Girls are inclined to start slightly quicker, around 2 half or so. My son is now four 1/2, and potty coaching was once really the battle. He has had numerous constipation disorders and withholding problems that he needed to see a gastroenterologist for, which delayed potty training past the pediatrician’s encouraged age of 3. We used a reward approach within the establishing. I had a container of mini M&amp:M’s. Whenever he went pee on the potty he got 1, and every time he went poo he obtained 2. (The purpose we gave him 2 for going poo is since that is the place our combat used to be as a rule due to his constipation and withholding issues). He went to a babysitter throughout the day, and she wasn’t relatively up for doing the entire candy thing, so he would get little stickers there every time that he went potty. Yet another giant incentive for him used to be that preschool wasn’t too off in his future, but we might inform him that he had to be going to the lavatory on the potty and no longer in having accidents if he wanted to go. So that quite helped matters. Additionally, deliver enjoyable matters in the lavatory. With my son, we’d carry books or his magnadoodle in there. We realized that generally we simply had to get him to chill out so that he would go. As a father or mother, you already know the patience children have is very small, so when they are simply sitting there attempting and have nothing else to center of attention on, they can get frustrated quite effectively. It helps to place their concentration someplace else. One other advice is to only make a fairly colossal deal everytime that he goes. Regrettably, there isn’t a time limit on how long potty traning can take. Each and every youngster is extraordinary, and sometimes strong willed children can take slightly longer. My son still has accidents occassionally, but they only appear to arise at home. He has never had an accident at preschool or out in public. We nonetheless have to remind that its time to take a look at an go to the bathroom. Kids just get so sidetracked when they are taking part in or doing other movements. I know that after we have been first establishing out, we might have him try and go to the bathroom every hour or 2. Even if he did not perpetually go, he would as a minimum try. Hope this information helps.

Just put a potty seat on the adult potty. Worked beautifully for my little guy. He had a little plastic potty chair that played music when you went pee in it, but he never was interested in it.

I have just bought a plastic potty seat for my 2 year old. He hasn’t started using it yet though, just want him to get used to it. Difficult to predict whether children will prefer the potty or the toilet…I know lots of toddlers who much prefer to use the real toilet with an adapted seat. A friend advised me against getting the novelty potties, in particular the ones that look like animals. She said they are awkward because you have to take the trousers off altogether.

It’s how YOU approach potty training that brings fast results. I potty trained my child in less than a week with this method http://pottytraining.toptips.org

Go for the seat that attaches to the adult potty and also provide a step stool for him to rest his feet on. My kids always hated the plastic potty too and just used the regular one.

Getting your toddler out of nappies depends on whether a consistent approach is consider. Therefore, if she is at nursery or with a child minder, nanny or relatives, every person needs to get the exact same strategy.
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Yeah, they make a little thing that sits on top of the adult seat so he doesnt fall in. You can start with that, but you should really try to teach him to hold on to the sides to hold him self up on the adult one. So that he can go while you are out and about without the potty seat.

We used a potty seat and it worked beautifully!

get a step stood and a potty cover. make sure the bathroom is warm enough too. Many times if it is cold in there they wont go!

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