Poll: When a contact isn’t as funny as he/she once was, do you assume it’s because they stopped doing drugs?

Did you stay off the herb? I saw Frito-Lay stock was rising, so I assumed you were blazing up again.

You’re still funny.

No, I in basic terms discern they have a existence as nicely right here, or extra effective than in all probability it extremely is because of the fact my questions suck, and that i won’t be able to blame them for that. maximum of my contacts do no longer answer mine, yet i actually do no longer ask many besides. I in no way raised my hand in school the two, I sorta slunk down in my chair, way interior the lower back.

No, I just assume that since it was her birthday yesterday she was up all night getting banged by her new skateboarder boyfriend. Not that she needs an excuse to get banged or anything.

Hey, Dingleburry has made me laugh 2.4 times in the past 16 minutes

Yeah, I was funnier and edgier when I drank a lot.

But I was also a grade A Assmunch as well, so it’s a trade Geisha. It’s a trade.

No, I assume it’s because the rape got a little too much.

or maybe some of their answers get reported,so they have to be more careful of what they say,i know my account has been suspended like 3 times because of people with no sense of humor

yeah so i post them some E and a note, get back on track contact!!

Yes and/or stopped drinking

That or they’ve just given up on life.

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