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Do you agree with this story and it’s moral?

Read this story and tell Agree or Disagree?

In a jungle, there was a tree that had cone-shaped leaves. He didn’t like such leaves on his branches. The tree was very upset. therefore, he asked the Jungle God to give him soft and green leaves. The Jungle God fulfilled his wish. But the very next day, some giraffes come that way and ate all the green leaves. The tree was upset.

Next time, the tree asked the Jungle God to give him golden leaves. This wish was also fulfilled. That night two dacoits came that way and took all the golden leaves. The tree was once again upset. Then the tree asked the Jungle God for glass leaves. He got them. That night a fierce storm arose and all the glass leaves broke down. The tree asked the God for same old cone-shaped leaves. The god fulfilled his wish. Now he was happy.

MORAL:- We should be satisfied with what we have.

Do you agree with it or not?

I agree &amp: disagree.
Depends on what situation you’re in o:
If you know there’s something better out there, then try it o:

Hi Di,

I agree with this.. Self satisfaction is very important and thats what the tree had missing in it..!!

Good moral..!! 🙂


I agree with it…just like saying trying to keep up with the jones……everyone should be happy for what they have good health, family and friends…then if there are things out there that we want…then we should work hard to achieve them……

I agree. I think a lot of times, we don’t know what’s best for us… the more we try to exert control over our circumstances, the unhappier we become. Just my observation.

I Agree.

i agree and disagree
this is cos we can’t help wanting more its like our nature or sumthin
but i do believe we should be satisfied with what we hav
it would b amazin to b content with what we hav
i wish i was

Yes I agree we should be satisfied with what we have but that goes against human nature

I think it means you should google, wikipedia or go to answers to check on the demographics of your area before you decided to make a change to your appearance.

Or be happy with who you are.


the fierce storm could knock out the cone-shaped leaves 😛

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