Obama says it will take 10 years for oil drilling to impact gas prices. Where was he 10 or 15 years ago?

And his (Obama’s) solution are vague promises of alternative energy research and tougher EPA standards.

God forbid we drill while looking for alternatives. The alternatives are not going to help us if we cannot even afford the oil we need to produce plastics and other products.

It is amazing how many people forget about the other uses for oil other than fuel.

Drill ANWR and get the shale oil, we (the United States) are sitting on the worlds largest oil reserves, and it is about time we used them.

For as much as I disapprove of Obama, I believe he is right. It would take a tremendous amount of time for red tape, construction, drilling, and refining the oil, though not 10 years. However, we certainly can’t drill it all at once, maybe not even all of it within 10 years, therefore there won’t be enough of an increase in supply to significantly lower the price.

Drilling is nothing more than a distraction and I’m not saying this to protect the environment, I saying this to get the point across to people: for the remainder of the average driver’s lifetime, the gap between the demand for oil and its supply will only grow wider, no matter how much we pump out of America or Arabia, so &quot:high&quot: gas prices are something we are just going to have to work round.

I doubt American drilling will impact gas prices to tell you the truth. Especially when we get comfortable with the prices we have now.

There are a small amount of gas stations that strictly sell American pumped oil. There is no price difference.

It’s odd that gas prices are swayed because of tensions in the Middle East though. We only get roughly 15% of our oil from the Middle East, and two of our largest suppliers are Canada and Mexico.

Why can’t we do all things???? Why can’t we drill for oil and also work on alternative sources of energy? True, it should have been done 10-years ago but it wasn’t so we have to deal with it.

Let’s do everything we can to lower the prices.

If we start the process of finding more oil today, it will affect prices today. The oil producers currently believe that oil will only become more and more scarce, so they are holding a large amount off the market, because they want to sell it in the future at higher prices. If they thought a lot of oil would come into the market in ten years, they would be selling more now, and driving down the price now.

So. according to him and his supporters, we do nothing? If the Democrats had not opposed drilling 10 years ago, we would have that domestic suppy on line today.

Obama’s argument indicates how ignorant he really is. He’s everything depicted on the New Yorker magazine cover and more.

And economists say it’ll reduce the cost about 25 cents a gallon a decade from now. Let’s think about this for a few minutes. So 70% of the land that has already been bidded out, that’s being sat on for drilling, because the oil companies make more money sitting on it and exploiting the speculation market … we’re going to invest in MORE bids to eventually drill on? Huh? It’s dumb, no economist is for this idea. Just a bunch of republicans pushing an agenda they all voted against repeatedly in the past, because it’s getting mass appeal from the uninformed public now.

Sounds like a reasonable investment though, right? LOL

Do you mean 10 or 15 years ago back when Clinton vetoed a bill to allow expanded oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska using the same excuse?

10 years ago, Obama was running for Congress. He lost that election because Bill Clinton endorsed his primary opponent.

Better late than sorry, unless all the most brilliant people can come up with an answer either today or by damn by tomorrow night? HUH? Somebody better make up their mind. Do we use our own resource while trying to find a better way? HUH?

People wake up and smell the roses, we can do both, because we will need both and more.

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