My grandfather was born in Australia in 1921 to an English war bride. Is he still entitled to a UK Passport?

Also would his grandchildren be entitled to a British Passport?

With regard to the grandchildren getting British passport the answer would be no. The generation privilege only goes one generation and that would be to the child of your grandparent and the English wife (I assume your grandmother). So that would be your parent. Assuming neither of your parents were born within the UK

For your grandfather to gain British citizenship he would have to still be married to the person, in other words they are not divorce and have lived in the UK for a certain number of years. Being married to a UK citizen does not give the right to a British passport. the laws changed in the 1980’s

Have a look for the ancestry visa on the UK Immigration and VISA website. I don’t remember what the address is, but hopefully it’s a nudge in the right direction.

No he is entitled to a war bride

You may find this info on the Australian british home office website ,or by writing to them.Its a complicated situation.

your grandfather might be eligible, but I’m not sure about the grandkids especially if NONE of you have ever lived in UK.

very few international places enable citzienship to descend two times (from determine to new child &amp: from grandparent to grandchild) – New Zealand isn’t one in all them, you haven’t got any declare to citizenship

I am pretty certain he can .. and definitely sure the grandkids can’t

just tell them to turn up here, we’ll let anyone in… bring some tim tams though.

I think if you can prove lineage, you can get the dual citizenship.

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