my cat loves dilute juice?

my 3 year old male cat has taken a massive love of dilute summer fruits juice down to the point that i cannot leave my juice uncovered as i am not convinced that he’ll leave it alone and not drink it. he always has fresh water available.

will it hurt him if he continues to drink it?

be aware of the effect of the sugar on his teeth. dental problems are expensive to fix and can lead to many complications. unless you brush them for him.

My old cat used to drink orange juice….

Animals tend to go along the lines of what they need rather than what they fancy. Therefore, he might think that he can get some nutrients from that juice.

If it’s diluted to a very weak solution it shouldn’t be a problem. Just in moderation and not all that often if you can help it.

I would also suggest trying to discourage him from drinking from your glasses anyway which will have the knock on effect of stopping him drinking your juice full stop. Everytime he goes near your juice, move him out the way or made a loud sudden noise to scare him away from it. Eventually (!) he’ll get the hint.

If it hasn’t done anything to him before now then it’ll be ok to let him keep drinking it if he wants to.

Our cats drink things they shouldn’t as well, one of mine likes coke to drink.

Maybe its a cat thing, mine drinks tea, you cant leave your cup or the cats in it.

i wouldn’t worry too much my nan’s kittens eat absolutely anything. she can’t even leave the fruit bowl out cos they pinch stuff out of it. their favoutites are pringles and fruitella sweets. she was so worried she took them to the vets and he just laughed and said not to worry and that they’d learn eventually x

hmmm well its ok to let him drink it just not to much otherwise they will get sick just like eating any other food or drink hope that helps

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