Joe Biden today stated his belief that Hillary Clinton was PROBABLY the better VP choice: Is he jumping ship?

In reference to a question asked by a reporter, Biden, well known as a blowhard and loose cannon, put both feet in his mouth and declared Hillary C a better VP choice than himself.
Self depreciation?
Telling the truth?
Or setting up the scenario where he jumps ship on the Democratic Campaign?

What say you America? And please…no lib diatribes and No Bloviating
’cause we’re looking out for you!

Biden was always a &quot:loose cannon&quot:, rolling to and fro damaging anything he hit!
His guffaws and lapses of memory are common and I’m sure Rush and Sean and Bill O were absolutely salivating at the prospect of using Bidens rambling, off the cuff remarks for almost daily talking points as he makes the Democrat agenda look more and more ridiculous!

I am assuming you are a Republican and you think you are being subtle or funny.

It was Self deprecating

It was truth in that it would have canceled the Palin factor

Jump ship? You are retarded but hey……it could happen and Hillary step in.

This whole lipstick on a pig is pure fake outrage and Karl Rove smoke screen. McCain has said it like 5 times (shown on youtube) and he (Obama) was talking about the McCain record and now claimed Change agent BS is what is the Pig with the Lipstick. The GOP has tried to attack it self and have an out of body experience and just act as if they are a third party looking back. IT WAS THE GOP THAT F ed IT ALL UP FOR 8 YRS.

This crocodile tears and Political Correct crap is more GOP obfiscation and duplicity. Now Palin does not want to release emails and is lying that SHE was against the bridge to no where is just MORE OF THE SAME. The McCain campaign is lying their A$$ OFF! They are telling so many lies you can’t tell what or if there is any truth. No thanks they had 8 yrs……NEXT!

If they could somehow get Biden to drop out and Clinton to step in, Obama would get a huge bounce and dominate the news. The Clinton Palin debate would probably outdraw the presidential debate.

I think he gave an honest opinion. What I don’t understand is why he accepted the position since he feels that way. However, I do agree with him totally! I don’t think that he will jump ship, though. I happen to think that he is a man of his word. Obama may not like what he has said, but I don’t think he really cares what anyone thinks when he decides to speak his mind!

I think Biden is great… and I’m huge Hillary fan…

So, I think it will be just fine…

And of course he’s not &quot:jumping ship&quot:… that’s just silly.

I think we haven’t heard the last from Hillary and she will be re-introduced to the Obama campaign… I’m getting excited about that already!

This is not the first time he said something he wish he did not say.

Obama is not qualified to be President
Chuck, stand up! Oh, I mean everyone stand up for Chuck!
there is no way I am on the V.P. ticket. Okay, I might be one of Obama’s picks.

I could go on and on

He is stating a fact. But it does seem strange to hear him say it.
He may not be exciting, but Biden is a non-controversial candidate with no skeletons in the closet and a solid record. Personally, I think Obama didn’t want anyone to steal his thunder

Biden is a good choice and Hillary would have been also. Biden was expressing a little humility.

The Democrats have depth when it comes to good choices. The Republicans apparently don’t.

What can I say. He’s smarter than I gave him credit for.

He is just being a gentleman.

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