I’ve seen Q&A on YA that states that there r racist white people who r voting for Obama & my question is this:?

if the aforementioned people are willing to vote for Obama, doesn’t that kill the whole notion that they are racist?

Cmon…you are spoiling the Right Wingers’ fun! If they cant cry &quot:racist&quot: and &quot:sexist&quot: then they have to actually talk about issues….and then their poll numbers drop.

Dont confuse them with common sense….I can see Russia from my house!

i’m white so it makes no distinction what I do,,, to you i would be a racist no rely what considering which you do not understand what the interest potential. If white usa of america became into relatively racist you does not have church homes , properties, jobs and maximum in no way representation. as quickly as we’ve been racist you have been enslaved, crushed, bred like animals to be stable, hung from wood for insolence and not tolerated the least bit. in the present day that isn’t the white guy that oppresses you it is your guy or woman stupidity. A people who reject the failings that civil rights delivered them is a people who nonetheless could be dealt with as pets not as men.

given the choice that they have even racist white americans see that for one that another 4yrs of bush doctrine will not happen and also people will elect obama because even blacks think obama isn’t balck enough .they will make him lose this election
blacks in this country dont realize this is perhaps the most electable black they will have in a long time so..instead of uniting they will do what they have always done tear each other down

They could still be racist, I guess. I dont really care what they are, it’s good that they are voting for Obama tho.

Ever hear of the ‘Bradley Effect’? Maybe they are just saying they will vote for Obama to avoid being called racists.

Obama promotes confrontation. Racists thrive when there’s confrontation.

That’s why all racists (of any race) support Obama.

Unless they want Obama to win so they can try to start a &quot:race war.&quot:

and of course, since they say they are white racist that makes them so because NO ONE lies on Y/A do they? Look at all the kool aid drinkers, my my !

Do you have to be white to be a racist?

Maybe they’re just very intelligent racists who love their country more than they hate black people.

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