Is it weird that I am attracted to mens butt’s?

Like my boyfriend has a great butt and honestly I would do stuff to it, please tell me someone else feels the same 😐

like the old saying goes!— have fun, go strap on!!


Of course it’s not weird! We’re all attracted to body parts. It’s natural and normal. =} It’s okay to wanna do stuff to your boyfriend’s butt.

Nah, butts are great. Both males and females are attracted to butts…its a normal thing.

Makes me wanna grab one 😛

I feel the same way about women’s butts. I would totally do stuff to women’s butts.

I am the same way. Everyone think im weird but everyone has their fetishes and thats ours i guess lol.

Don’t do anything to his butt! Men freak if an object or finger or anything goes near their *** during intercourse.

naa. guys like girls butts too. one of the characteristics most men look at first. b4 your face, chest etc.

so am i. 😀
im not sure id want to do stuff to their butts haha,
but when i see a guy with a nice butt…yum.

lol I like guys behinds..dont worry

HAHAHAHA! No – I wouldn’t &quot:do&quot: anything to a guy’s butt but I do love a guy with a nice booty!

Everyone has weird fetishes. It’s completely normal. It would only be weird if you liked licking your boyfriends poopy anus.

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