Is it time for Barack Obama to be impeached for helping Al Qaeda Terrorists in Libya?

1. Is it time for the treasonous trader Barack Obama to be impeached and removed from office for supporting Al Qaeda Terrorists?

2. How can anyone support and vote for Barack Obama after he is aiding and abetting Al Qaeda Terrorists that attacked and murdered U.S. Soldiers in Iraq?

3. Can liberals &amp: progressives explain why Barack Obama is helping AL Qaeda Terrorists rise to power with the war in Libya?

4. What will happen when Al Qaeda and their backers take control of Libya?

5. Why are liberals and progressives (UN Ambassador Susan Rice) talking about arming the rebels (AKA Al Qaeda)?

6. Why on earth would Barack Obama give weapons of war to Al Qaeda Terrorists?

7. Why is Barack Obama and his supporters supporting the same Al Qaeda terrorist organization that crashed planes into the world trade towers and murdered 3,000 innocent people on 9/11?

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links
Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited around 25 men from the Derna area in eastern Libya to fight against coalition troops in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are today are on the front lines in Adjabiya.

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists, but added that the members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader.

His revelations came even as Idriss Deby Itno, Chad’s president, said al-Qaeda had managed to pillage military arsenals in the Libyan rebel zone and acquired arms, including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries.

Yes. His real crime is not going to the House or Senate to discuss this before engaging. Even Bush had the support of Congress when he went into Iraq. A one-man show in the White House is tyranny. Impeach Obama.

You mean we have soldiers who got an arm blown off by an al queda IUD in Iraq and now, they are going to get wounded by the same people in Libya?? using American made weapons Obama made a profit selling??!?!?

That’s not right.

Well, he also sent air troops over there by executive order, when it is law that he leave that up to the Congress to decide. Can’t he be impeached on those grounds alone?

I just heard on CBS news that NATO Commanders suspect from their intel in the field that Al Queda maybe be hiding amongst the rebels.

Way to go Obama. nice job creating a climate in Libya that allowed Al Queda to mix themselves in their civilian population from all the air bombing distractions without putting our own assets in place first which could have provided data on Al-Queda location targets. You don’t need UN approval for that. But what the hell, maybe the standard we’re expecting from Obama is too high for a community organizing rookie senator spending more time as president making pep rally damage control speeches from his own decisions instead of making presidential level decisions.

Is Obama just Inexperienced plus arrogance aided by being a Narcissist causing his
failures Or is he a damn subversive.

let me get this straight a FEW of the thousands of rebels may or may not be al queda, does that mean all muslims are terrorists? or the french all wear berets?, or all british are posh?, or all americans are idiots?, or all christians hate other faiths?

Seriously stop being so scared of the unknown

it’s funny, since the Republican administration funded the Taliban back in the 1980’s when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan, yet nobody was impeached.


The CIA is under direct responsibility of the executive branch. And besides, it does not matter which branch of the federal government enacted the funding. All report to their higher authority and so, the administration is responsible for the agent’s actions. By the way, im not a liberal. im an independent which means i dont believe in either party’s constant ideological rants.

@Dis Posable — Actually, it was the CIA and the Mujahideen

Please get your facts correct.

And then you give me a thumbs down. LOL what a typical LIB. If someone doesn’t agree with you then they be damned.

When he took illegal political contributions from our enemies, the terrorist Hamas and the Fabian Society who’s trying to crash the USA that should have done it. Then when he paid Hamas back with a billion of our tax money and the Fanian Society member Soros back with several billion, that should have done it.

Problem is, the bad guys bought and took control of the Justice Department, and the media so they people won’t figure it out.

Essentially I’ve answered this question, click on my avatar and see (Why 3 Wars…), toodle pip.

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