If Great Dane and Chihuahua can’t breed, they are not same species.?

isn’t being part of same species entail that they are able to breed?
If great dane and chihuahua can’t breed, that means they can’t both be Canis lupus familiaris.
now we need some scientist to test this out and create a taxonomy interpretation (if it doesn’t work out)
How does artificial insemination work in this situation? If the great dane and chuhuahua can’t breed naturally, are they different species? or if they can breed artificially, are they same species?

The great dane and the chihuahua have the same problem as a three foot tall woman mating with a eight foot tall man. Or a Miniature pony mating with a Percheron.

The problem has nothing to do with chromosones and everything to do with space. The babies will develop, but because of their size they will soon become too big for the mother and kill her.

On the other hand, if the percheron, eight foot tall human, or the great dane were the females, there wouldn’t be that kind of problem. Thus artificial insemination. Though it wouldn’t be a good idea, because then there’s the question of health issues in the children.

They CAN produce viable offspring: it’s just that because of the size difference, mating without AI is impossible, and pregnancy with Dane pups would kill a Chihuahua.

It doesn’t need to be capable of physically breeding for the breeding to work. You cannot naturally mate two Bulldogs, but they’re extremely genetically close and you cannot argue they are different species because of how selective breeding has warped their skeletons.

They can breed naturally, its just very hard and if the female was a Chihuahua, she would die because the pups are too big for her. They are the same species, just a different breed.

the genes would match up, they would look really funny, and because of the huge size difference their insides maybe too big or too small for their bodys to function adicquitely*, but it is not like trying to breed a cat to a dog, they are the same species. the breeds size difference is just not ideal to or probable to mix. the dane would have to be the female, it would kill the chi.

You put a female GD in heat with an intact male Chihuahua, and I can guarantee he will do his best! If she cooperates, he might be successful! However, a Male GD cannot breed with a female Chihuahua. He’d kill her.
They are the same species. Therefore, theoretically they can breed. They are just different breeds. The difficulty is only because of the massive size difference. It has nothing to do with incompatible genes.

they might reproduce at the same time, genetically. they do no longer for sure because of the fact of their length distinction. A chihuahua might desire to no longer carry a large Danes doggies, because of the fact this is in simple terms to small. Plus, by using cutting-edge inbreeding of canines frequently, (that’s how they have been given different breeds), incredibly plenty any extra inter-breeding will consequence in deformation (with maximum canines, no count if bodily or mentally (very dumb canines). I knew somebody who had a clutter of doggies that have been a million/2 chihuahua and a million/2 pitbull. they had to pull the chihuahua off the pitbull after mating. large Danes and Chihuahuas have been given their length distinction from how they have been bred, the biggest of large Danes have been selectively bred with different large large Danes and vice versa with Chihuahuas. no count if this is a contravention of the definition of species it became brought about by using guy. even even with the indisputable fact that, in simple terms because of the fact they do no longer often mate, that doesn’t propose that this is in violation of the definition of a species. in case you think of approximately it in those words, then a platypus are additionally in violation, because of the fact they are mammals who lay eggs, in case you notice the place i’m getting at.

What are you talking about? Of course they can breed.

It’s just very unlikely that that would happen.

Case in point— Many french bulldogs are so messed up they can neither physically mate nor give birth without assistance/medical help. Does this mean that each French Bulldog is a whole entirely different species? No.

technically they could breed naturally.. if the female dane is laying down the male could easily mate with her. the male dane could attempt to mate with a female chi, but would most likely kill her trying.

they are indeed the same specie, just different variations in the specie.

They are both dogs. So they are the same species. It’s mostly the size that is stopping breeding. But they have different genes that will not Mach up and the pups will be dead or really deformed and then they will die. Genes and chromosomes are different and it is chromosomes that define a species.

Technically speaking, they CAN breed but due to the size difference, it doesn’t happen very often AND who in their right mind would want that mix, anyway?

All dogs are the same species.

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