If elected, what will donald trump do for america?

Trump only does for himself and always has.

He will retrieve 50% of all federal tax of all workers pay checks and invested for free hospitals and free day cares while the working class will have to get two jobs to afford paying the rent, bills and food. Food will go up more than half the price it is now because he will send all mexicans to mexico and pay americans double wage to do crop field work but the price will go up, making all imports goods go skyrocket high and all american made products still high in pricing. So what american its ready to sweat like a mexican and get payed well but give 50% of your pay check to federal tax? What american is ready to get two full time jobs to pay their bills and food? What american is willing to pay 15 bucks for a 2oz bag of coffee? Which american is willing to give up their imported wines and beers because they cant afford it unless you are rich like donald? And what american is ready to drink powdered or carton milk because dairy fresh milk costs 7 bucks a gallon? Vote for whacko trump

Put his name in neon on the Statue of Liberty.
Actually he’s already doing something, he stopped providing health insurance and pensions for his workers in Atlantic City.
A glimpse of things to come.

Hello! Someone in my Facebook group posted this page so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I am book-marking and will be tweeting it to my followers!

Probably make America one huge golf course !

Convince anybody that wasn’t yet sure that we’re a huge banana republic.

Casinos in every county!

Bring jobs back from overseas. Allow me to keep more of my paycheck.

Get it hooked on materialism and ego…

He made his claims directly in his speech yesterday.

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