How is same-sex marriage illegal in 21st century america?!?

1. Love is not just about reproduction. Also, if gay couples are not allowed to be together because they cannot reproduce, shouldn’t sterile and elderly people not be allowed to marry?
2. Why do people care who other people are married to? It’s not like everyone would be required to marry someone of the same sex if it was legalized.
3. In the Christian and Jewish religions, it is a sin to be homosexual, but there are many other religions in america. The legal system should be indifferent to religion.
4. Most people now are very accepting of gays and lesbians and some schools even have GSA groups. It is considered politically incorrect to discriminate against homosexuals nowadays. Why isn’t it politically incorrect to make gay marriage illegal.

1: you are 100% correct.

2. It’s sad but true. To me, I dislike people who &quot:preach&quot: their homosexuality, I (a Christian by the way) couldn’t care less if men like other men, or women like other women. When fifteen year old high school boys put make-up on in class, it gets a little disturbing, admittedly.

3. It is not a sin, in any religion to be a homosexual. According to Christianity (and most likely Judaism, and Islam) sex is for procreation, so because two men cannot reproduce, the Christian church considers sexual acts of homosexuality a sin. They DO NOT believe that it is a sin for two men to love each other. I think, that this ideal will change over time: the Christianity is being criticized so much for this misunderstood &quot:rule&quot: (for lack of a better term) and God (the Christian one anyway) made ALL HUMANS EQUAL. The Christian God loves everyone equally. More and more, conservative Christians (particularly in America) are understanding this better. Understanding that God does not HATE anyone, and humans should not hate anyone either.

4. No living in the US, I do not have an answer, but most likely due to the fact that the US is run by lunatic, fundamentalist Christians. Governor of Texas for example. Do SOPA, or PIPA ring the bell? He’s the one behind them. This same person apparently wanted creationism to be taught in science class. I am Christian. The stupidity behind that idea is unfathomable.

The point is, without pointing fingers you like most non-christians misunderstand the Christian view of homosexuality. As I said, we are all EQUAL (whether or not God directly created us, I doubt, but also do not care) It is definitely understandable that you did mis-interpret the views of Christians, being that there are so many hypocritical Christians that are ignorant of their own faith. That is totally understandable, and is definitely not your fault.

Once again, it is not a sin to intimately love someone of the same sex. The &quot:act&quot: of homosexuality (that is, men having sex with men, or women with women) is a sin. According to Christianity, humans (much less their GOD) should not discriminate against anyone: that includes sinners. God does not hate sinners, he hates sin itself. Why would God hate his own creation?

I don’t know. I find it stupid. I know with the whole Prop 8 thing in CA people claimed that allowing gay marriage would infringe their right to practice their religion. I seriously can’t wrap my head around why it’s taking so long to pass it. It will pass eventually, but it might take a long time… Discrimination in any form is supposed to be illegal isn’t it? Isn’t this considered discrimination?

It’s illegal because the government refuses to accept gay marriage as normal

I think you have a biased opinion of what is &quot:politically correct&quot:.

Great, you think that gay people should be able to marry, well there are about 160 million people in this country who think otherwise.

Stop asking strangers why it is illegal for the gays to marry and write to your congressman or something, I’m sure he doesn’t get enough e-mails and letters from people like you, he’d be happy to see what you have to say.

I heard rumors that religious churches uses their money to make the law.
It’s stupid.
I seriously want to drop kick anyone who agrees with this law.
Also mainly all the voters for this law are religious.

Because those who want to maintain the status quo are voters too.

Unlike a lot of things you can manage to get used to over the passage of time, the ickiness of same-sex marriage is not one of them.

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