How do I make my internet connection faster?

I have a microsoft xp home edition computer that I was given by my grandparents after they got a new computer to vista and I already have another computer. My other computer gets 100-150kbps and this one gets about 5-15kbps the advertised speed for my internet connection is 100mbps. How do I optimize it so I can get at least 200 kbps?

Your “new” computer could be that much slower than your old one, but I doubt it.

The speed you’re buying from your provider (not 100mbs – that’s the speed of your ethernet card. It’s a maximum speed) isn’t the speed you’re going to download files from. Think Porsche in a traffic jam. If the server you’re downloading from is jammed, or it has a slow connection to the internet, or one link in the path between you and that server is slow, that’s the speed you’ll get – the slowest one. (The Porsche can’t go any faster than the slowest car in front of it.)

If you’re measuring the speed of a download on each computer, it’s like measuring the speed of my Porsche on the freeway and your Porsche in the driveway. I prefer http://www.speedtestnet/ for speed tests, but speakeasy is pretty good. Check your speed on each computer a few times. If there’s a great difference between the computers, post here again.

your not really getting 100 mbps thats what the status of your connection says to tell what your getting go to and click speed test and do that on both computers you have and see if its really going slow or try to use firefox browser its much faster or else one of your computers maybe wireless??

If the XP home computer has wireless internet you might need to move it closer to your wireless router

You need a better ISP.

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