Has anyone gotten any weird e-mails?

I recently been getting these weird e-mails. They go into my bulk folder. The e-mails are just a bunch of gibberish. In the sender and in the subject part, just a bunch of gibberish. Like one e-mail said in the sender part, -3/4. Another one said eriko for the sender. I didn’t open any of the e-mails ’cause I was thinking it could be a virus. I’ve just been deleting those e-mails. But I’m wondering has anybody else been getting these e-mails or do you know anyone else that has been getting them.

My parents get them. The are all supposed to conatin spyware/adware/viruses. My parents just delete them. You should never open them. We got a huge virus on our computer, so we hate to get the Best Buy geeks fix it, but be sure to save all your stuff to CD. Your stuff is available for deletion at any time. All my iTunes stuff got deleted a couple of weeks ago and I plan on following up on it.

Probably a joke with the fact that this person used Charles Nelson Reilly for the picture. Although, if this person does it again, I’d tell em’ to back off without emailing back &amp: if that fails report em’. The reason why not to email back might be because of the fact that they might be using a spam scam tactic. I mean who’d imagine using someone else’s celebrity identity? Imagine that. Speaking of humor Dr. Phil wasn’t your voice–the same voice for SouthPark’s counselor? mmmmkay? Did you used to go out with Oprah? mmmkay?

Their mostly foreign spam and viruses, mechanically generated by marketing computers and phishers. Don’t answer them, just bulk delete them.

No, I haven’t been getting bulk emails like that – hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself…I have been going spam-crazy, though: does that count?

Weird, I’ve been getting those, too. I just delete them, don’t even bother to open them anymore.

everyone gets weir emails everyday, just delete them, it’s the safest thing to do 🙂

i get weird emails everyday.

yes i have

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