Feminists: What is your perspective on this?

i know there are different views on porn within feminism, some are pro sex while others think it’s degrading. how do you feel about sites that ask people to vote on which girl they think is the hottest? on facebook they have pages of random hot girls where girls either submit pics of themselves, or people post up randomly asking which one is hotter or who has the hottest ____ .

do you think these sites are wrong to objectify girls? or do you not see anything wrong with sexually objectification? and what do you think of the girls who submit them? do you think they are seeking validation or what?

Today I think that young women confuse over the top sexuality with female empowerment. Selling your body (in print, in the flesh, film) is not feminism. When the basis of your existance is pleasing the opposite sex with how your body looks, you are not a strong women, you are a dishrag who will be washed up and thrown out by 35 (that is of course if you get surgeries to keep looking &quot:young&quot:).

Women these days want to objectify themsevles because that is what we as women have been taught by society in order to make us feel wanted, paid attention to, and valued: on the job, out in the world, by mates, etc.

I have no problems with nudity, but there is a fine line between classy and porno and Playboy is not classy.

sexual objectification is wrong. Whoever created those pages (like on facebook) either thought that it would be a positive thing somehow ( i see a lot of pictures of girls with cancer who are voted on as beautiful) or they created the page because they are shallow assholes. A lot of girls who entered those contests could be trying to get validation, acceptance, or trying to prove others wrong on what societies standards of beauty are, it all really depends on the situation.

but in general, i do think those sites and contests are stupid.

I’ve mellowed my views as I’ve grown older, on reading this as a woman in my 20’s I would have been shocked that women wanted to be judged by their porn picture.

However, as a woman in my 40’s I realise that if it was their choice to have their picture posted on line to be voted on, then who’s business is it to judge them. If however, someone else posted the picture without their knowledge, then that is very bad news.

Traditionally porn was seen as objectification of women, by feminists, as many of the women were pressurised into being porn workers and they were paid low wages and treated without respect, as opposed to the male porn stars.

If the workers in porn are paid a fair wage and treated equally, then I can see no major argument against it. I know many people find porn disgusting and shocking, however, for many people especially men, it is the only sexual gratification available to them.

I don’t know any animal in the world that needs to see a mate as an object. Clearly, that indicates how our sexuality has gone out of whack. These same animals certainly do not know porno either. I mean should that not show women to not degrade themselves in that manner? I don’t know who ticks me off more: men or women.

it’s not degrading when women want to do it

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