Ever get the feeling your house is haunted?

In 2000 i bought a house adjoining an estuary.It was a fairly modern house itself but had been rebuilt from an old cottage whereby one wall had been left standing to satisfy planning permissions.What i relate now is true.The day we moved in my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the same time her mother and father came to live with us.Her mother went blind and her father developed Alzheimer’s disease.Two of my dogs became ill and four vets didn’t know what was wrong with them.One vet removed my cross collie Alsatian:s spleen but didn’t know why it was so enlarged.Neither of the dogs could lie down for long without suddenly getting up looking bewildered.Both died.Then my cat had a similar problem lying down and the vet removed some kidney stones but the cat died.A previous owner of the house had put bolts on the outside of a bedroom door as if to stop some person from coming out of that room which i’ve never seen before in

my life.The lady who rebuilt the house in the 1980’s died young from cancer and the lady who i bought the house off hadn’t been living there long before her husband had a stroke and he spent all day and night in a bed put into the lounge.The first repair i did in the house in the first week was with the downstairs toilet flushing system and the last repair i did was the same job with the upstairs toilet in the last week i was there.While living there a rat had died in the loft and maggots came through the light fitting in the ceiling onto the bed and little white stick like creatures like a thin piece of white paper ate the lounge carpet under the furniture.Early every morning around 5am there was a loud click coming from the fluorescent light fitting like a bulb cooling down but the light hadn’t been on for about 7 hours.Many times in the week there would be a heavy noise outside the bedroom on the landing like as if someone jumped into the air and landed heavily.At first i would investigate but found nothing so ignored it later,For a couple of weeks before my dogs died there was a fox outside where they were sleeping making an unholy racket.It even stared into the lounge in the day time totally unafraid.Some light was thrown on events one day while i was walking the coast path.I engaged in conversation with a bloke and we came around to talking about the house and he informed me that someone had been murdered there during the early part of the 20th C when it was two cottages.Whether that was true i don’t know but it certainly was an unlucky house for all owners.It was a nice house and i liked living there because a Mountain Man fears nothing but my wife refused to live there after her mastectomy and chemo and radiotherapy and went to live with my daughter until it was sold.Here’s a google earth picture of it.It doesn’t look haunted but it was certainly unluckyy
http://www.flickr.com/photos/61382813@N0… It’s all one house with 3 different roof levels

I have actually. When my son was a baby we rented a house in which we saw unexplainable things. Such as shadows moving from room to room or toys being played with in the middle of the night. Sometimes it felt as if whatever it was was watching us. No harm ever came to us and we ended up moving out down the road and have never seen anything like that again.


Yes, I have requested that Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters bring their team here to investigate

My last house was and I am 100% certain.
Everyone in my family had experiences so ask your family if they feel the same way.

my new house isn’t….i don’t think anyways.

i was so freaked out this week cus i`ve been hearing this weird beeping noise around the time i go to bed and i told my dad and my brother went to check it out and it turned out the fire alarm was beeping.
it still is. its freaking annoying!

Yes! All the time, i will be at home by myself and the stairs will creak or something like that.. it freaks me out!

no my house is brand new so its not had a chance for any ghosts to move in yet

have a star

Yes. Only when I’m at home alone though.

i think our house is cursed!!
we have the worst luck in our house!!
and it was owned before us by people in our family and before that by people in our family lol
i think they cursed it and didn’t fix it…. now it is cursed on us 🙁

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