Do you Stop, Look and Listen before you cross the street called Judgement?

I stopped at the light and saw a woman
pushing a stubborn grocery cart over grass
thinking she ought not to steal them like that
then heard my car’s engine, filled with gas.

I stopped at the highway exit and saw a bum with his dog
and locked my doors as he approached
then heard his dog cheerfully greet mine
and mine, in return, do the same.

I stopped at the ATM for some cash
and saw a woman, unkept and frazzled
thinking she shouldn’t go out like that
then heard the cries of children in her car, 5 in all.

I stopped at the grocery store and saw a man begging
thinking he’ll just use the money for booze
then heard his stomach rumble
and looked at my own in shame.

Could I have bought a car for the woman with cart
or driven the bum with dog along their journey?
Could I have offered to care for the mother’s brood
Or fed the beggar enough?

No not such big steps as those
I will stop, look, listen and decide
to not cross the street called Judgement
so quickly.

Yes, I don’t mind admitting I have more than once not done that and have the scars and regrets to prove it. I’m getting older though. I listen more, even if I don’t see it. I hear better.

very good poem- it was interesting and deep
made me think too- i love poems like that.
great job=^.^=

Real good Roscoe, i had to read it twice. Lol I am actually without a thing to say……..will a Thanks be enough?=P

Lovely my non-smoking friend.

What can i say…it was really good..and rings so true..xx

no Dr. Phil i don’t.
then again ….. i hardly ever cross that street so it’s all good.


Ah yes darlin….&quot:There fore the grace of god go I&quot:

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