Do women enjoy sex more than men?

Why is it that women get to enjoy sex more than men? During sex women are stimulated during the the whole play, but men actually are stimulated at the point to completion. And why women’s orgasm last longer than men ?

Because that’s the way God made us. No one can say who enjoys sex more. Men will never know what it feels like for a woman, and a woman will never know what it feels like for a man. Guess you’ll have to keep wondering.

i think on average men enjoy sex more than women, maybe because you are practically guaranteed an orgasm. Men receive direct stimulation while women usually require manual stimulation to assist in climaxing. i don’t know that our orgasms last longer, but they should because someone owes us for all the ones we’ve gone without.

Men tend to enjoy sex more than women. For most men, an orgasm always or almost always happens. For most women, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Men usually have more intense orgasms as well.

This doesn’t mean that men and women are unequal. For example, women tend to enjoy cuddling more than men. It just means that men and women are different, and they have different ways of enjoying each others’ bodies. As long as the overall relationship is equal, we don’t need to get equal enjoyment out of every aspect of the relationship.

I have never heard that women’s orgasms last longer than men’s. On the contrary I’ve heard men’s last longer but women obviously can have them more frequently. Also I don’t think women enjoy sex more than men. It really has more to do with hormones than the equipment.

Those are completely not true. The only difference between a man and a woman having sex is: a woman can have multiple orgasms whilst males usually have a single orgasm. But if males can practice, they can prolong their period of sexual activity as well. Read a copy of ‘Kamasutra’ mate… Am sure it would help u to understand a few things better.

I think that if the sex is right, then both the man and woman will enjoy it equally. I enjoy it all the way through and get a particular buzz out of my wife having her orgasm before me.

I’m pretty stimulated through the whole thing, my pulsing hard penis feels great way before I ever ejaculate. the whole experience is enjoyable, not just the end result. i don’t know if women enjoy sex more than men, but i do know they enjoy it as much as we do. well most anyway

They say that a woman’s orgasm is ten times better than a man’s, but then again, they might only get one every ten times!

hey..unfortuntly bcoz of woman has more sensory nerve in her organs so i think women enjoy more than u know in men only a small part in witch located just beneth your penis head have ability to get this nice feelings witch is about 2 cm.. but in women ..the sensory nerves are about 10cm along her vagina..


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