Culturally speaking dont you think we need black men white women relationship pride days?

where we go down the street partying showing our love for eachother like the gays do
that eric guy got me thinking we really need this and black men white women hangouts n clubs that would be so deep

You will be inviting the KKK to make a big comeback and black people will endorse them too.

Black men turn each and everything they arrive into contact with into &quot:ghetto&quot: !! ……………… It`s the Black way of existence !! look what occurs at the same time as in basic terms one Black relatives strikes into an otherwise all-White community ……… it isn`t lengthy earlier the little niglets are operating round stealing each and everything that`s no longer nailed down , and the mothers and fathers are turning the finished section into one wide garbage unload !! promptly in any respect , White Flight takes position ………. the Coons bypass in , and turn it right into a finished ghetto lickety chop up !!

Arent you supposed to be worshipping white women in person?
What are you doing on the interent, white women need to be worshipped.

get it thru your head, no woman wants to be with a jobless, uneducated ape

unless maybe she is 500 pounds, has no standards, is into drugs, trys to be ghetto, has no father figure in her life…. only then might she give a n-e-g-r-o a chance

HaHaHaHaHaHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s fricking hilarious. Why the eff not?

This is wrong on so many levels…

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