Christians: Why does a just God let 15 million children (children!) die of hunger worldwide every year?

I just don’t get it. We are always asked to thank God for his blessings to us, but what about the millions of people born worldwide with no semblance of mercy or pity from God? I can understand why adults might have to suffer (spiritual advancement, etc.), but what higher purpose could there be in letting children to die of horrible causes even before they attain the age of accountability?

Your thoughts?

God doesn’t let millions of children starve. Humans do. What are YOU doing with the tools God gave each and every one of us to take care of each other? What are YOU doing to help feed those poor, starving, diseased children? How much money and food do YOU donate each year?

ETA: SIDS deaths are tragic, but it’s really a term that simply means the cause of death is unknown. Many times it’s because there was a suffocation hazard in the crib. In some cases, it could be from a higher concentration of CO2 in the air that newborns are more susceptible to. There are very few ACTUAL and genuine SIDS cases out there (less than 1% of all newborns worldwide die from SIDS every year), and the ones that are real have occurred in parent’s arms and/or when everything was healthy and done &quot:exactly right.&quot: But there’s still an underlying CAUSE, and God isn’t the cause.

Nature and other people kill each other. Nature is more to blame directly than God is. God gives us the tools to learn how to prevent these things, and it’s up to us to interpret the information and act upon it. Thousands less babies die every year from SIDS because we are constantly learning more and more. Thousands less babies die from starvation every year because of generous donations and people willing to adopt those babies. We need MORE people doing more for those babies, not putting more focus on blaming God when He is the one giving us the tools to heal the world.

Did God give us the means to feed them?

Do we have farms not growing crops?

Do we waste enough food in the US to feed them all?

The answer is yes, to all of the questions.

So my question to you is, why have WE as a people not done a better job allocating the resources that God gave us?

Who’s fault is it that WE can’t get food to those starving people, ours or God’s?

Peace be with you.

I had no idea 15 million children were dying of hunger worldwide every year. And why put the blame on G-d.

It is our responsiblility not His to take care of that. That is why we are put in this world to repair the damages and build our treasures in heaven to earn our trip to the world to come.

The same could be asked why He allowed 5 million unborn Americans to be butchered – legally.

Sin is the reason.

God gave us free will. Some people abuse that free will and harm children. But that is when God welcomes them to Heaven with a better life in mind.

you doing anything to help? God uses people to accomplish many things-…

&quot:Be the change you want to see in the world today.&quot:


here’s a thought…there is currently enough food and enough food being produced to feed the entire world on a continuous basis.

God has brought us to the point where we have this much food….

now ask your question again…

Why do we as humans? We could stop it too. There is enough food in the world. It is the fact that leaders do it as a form of genocide!

no it is our responsibility to the the work for an all powerful god who can do anything instantly, and is willing to infinitely punish a finite being. Funny that all the gods that people believe in on earth have a very large amount of human characteristics, including jealousy, the judeo christian god shows he is a jealous god time and time again, but i thought he was better than us…guess not.

God Hates Them,and He Enjoys seeing the pain

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