Character names that correspond with classical elements?

I am really bad at coming up with names, so I need you guys on this one. I like for my characters to have somewhat meaningful names, and in this story, every person controls a certain element. So, I just need some male and female names (and surnames if you can), for each of the following classical elements (There’s twenty-four of them, because… well, twenty-four is an important number is the story I’m planning). You don’t have to answer all of them, just any ones that you can come up with. Thanks in advance!
List of elements are as follows:
Fire (includes Smoke as well)
Wood (could involve trees, but mainly focuses on wooden structures)
Metal (involving technology)
Glass (still thinking this one out…)
Noise/Sound (you know… sort of incorporating sound as a physical attack)
Poison/Plague (pretty much causing illness to a small degree)
Heart (involves things such as love and lust, as well as other strong feelings)
Dream (this one is a little hard to explain… it’s like, powers similar to the Greek god Hypnos)
Sun (still thinking this one out as well…)
Moon (Also still figuring this one out, but I’m thinking something similar to werewolves)
Spirit/Aura (also represents Death)
Plant/Flower (also represents Life)
Space (not like outer space… more like manipulating the space around them to teleport and such)
Aether/Void (those familiar with the fantasy genre should know what I mean with this)
Energy/Magic (involving a combination of other elements)
Neutral/Pure (involving non-elemental attacks)

fire: Blaze for a guy for obvious reasons, flare could be a girls name

air: sylph is usually known to be a type of wind sprite it could be a pretty girls name, aero is a type of wind attack usually and could be used for a male name

Dream: Morpheus is the god of dreams in greek mythology and is usually called the dream shaper and is the leader of the other dream gods whom are his brothers. They are attendants of Hypnos whom you referenced. You could think of a nickname from that name if you don’t want to use the whole thing like morph.

Darkness/ shadow: Erebus is the name of the embodiment of darkness, and Nyx is the goddess of night. These two names are also known to be the parents of the gods of dreams so that could be something maybe. If you want something more common, for a guy you could use shade for a guy and koko is native american for night.

Moon: theres tons of names that mean moon, mainy for women. some are Artemis, Delia, Diana, and Phoebe, are all different names for the greek goddess of the moon. Some more are Selena, Rhiannon, Neoma, Luna, Kamaria (means beauty of the moon), Deva, and Chandra are all either moon goddesses or names that mean moon. One of my favorites is kaguya whom is the princess of the moon but whats also awesome is it means goddess of eternal night so it could also be used as a female name for darkness/ shadow.

Water Classical Element

Noise/Sound: …umm, Audrey? As in Audio? Lol, I dunno

Poison/Plague: Belladonna, Oleander, or some other poisonous plant

Metal: Go through the periodic table of the elements and choose a surname

Light/Holy: Nevaeh (heaven spelt backwards), Gabriel or some other angel’s name, Lucian/Lucius (they mean something like ‘light’), Angelo

Sun: Soleil for a surname (french for sun, pronounced soh-lae), Apollo (greek god that has something to do with the sun according to Percy Jackson)

Moon: Luna, Artemis (goddess of the moon)

Spirit/Aura: Aura can be a name (maybe spelt Ora?)

These are all I can think of at the moment. Maybe you can use Ancient Roman/Greek gods’ names, or just translate the elements into other languages, or find rarely heard synonyms. Use one of those baby names websites where you can write in the meaning. I think there’s one called parents connect or something.

Do you know there are at least eight bodies in the solar system that are larger than Pluto and smaller than Mars? Only two of these, our Moon and Mercury, are used in astrology. But a few much smaller and distant asteroids have recently been incorporate. Obvious size does not matter, but what group of people get to cherry pick what gets used? The four moons of Jupiter were the first objects found by the telescope. Discovered and named far before Uranus, why are they ignored? Most likely for two reasons. They do not orbit Earth but another planet. And that the sun was confirmed to be the heart of the system. Astrology stopped being legit at this point and started cherry picking. No longer observing the sky but become strictly fortune telling. No one is willing explain how or why astrology should work. However, they are more than willing to make it more complex.

Fire – Prometheus is the Titan who gave fire to man in Greek myth. Or, Hephaestus was the smith of the gods who forged weapons, including Zeus’ lightning bolts.

Water – Poseidon and Triton are both sea gods. There are a lot of water nymphs in classical mythology, including the Naiades and the Nereides (you can find some of their names here: and… And their is Okeanos, Titan water god.

Earth – Gaia/Gaea is the Titan Earth goddess. There is also Demeter who is goddess of agriculture.

Air/Wind – There was four wind gods, one for each direction, Boreas god of the north wind, Zephryus god of the west wind, Notos god of the south wind, and Euros god of the east wind. And there were the Aurai, nymphs of the breezes.

Heart – Aphrodite was goddess of love. Her son, Eros was also a love god. She had a daughter, Harmonia who was a goddess of harmony, in love and otherwise.

Dreams – the Oneiroi were dreams spirits, led by Morpheus, son of Hypnos.

Light – Eos was goddess of the dawn. Helios and Apollo were gods of the sun.

Dark – Nyx was a goddess of night and Erebus a god of darkness.

Poison/Plague – Apollo is the god of both healing and plague. In the Illiad, his arrows spread disease among the Greek camp.

Moon – Selene was Titan goddess of the moon. Artemis is also sometimes a moon goddess as a foil to her brother Apollo, was sun god.

Spirit/Aura – Thanatos was god of peaceful death. Charon was the ferryman of the dead.

Plant/Flower – Persephone was goddess of spring and rebirth.

Time – Kronos was the Titan god of time.

Aether/Void – Aither was the Titan god of the bright upper air of heaven

Aideen – little fire
Safara – fire
Fiamma – flame
Anala – fire
Seraphina – burning one

Amaya – night rain
Brenna – little drop of water
Kailani – sea and sky

Demetria – earth mother
Georgia – earth worker

Sora – sky
Aella – storm-wind
Aria – air

Elysia – struck by lightning

Rin – cold
Eira – snow
Isolde – rules over ice

Selene – Greek goddess of the moon

Aidan – fire
Kenneth – fire-born

Kai – sea
Marius – of the sea
Dylan – sea
Rio – river

Adam – earth
Dagan – earth

Surya – sun
Ciro – of the sun

Hope this helps

ice – isaac?
moon – luna?
dream – selena?/ joseph
ENERGY – gary ?
poison – rex?
air – amihan ( Filipino term related to air)
glass – Lassy? cindy?
water – lily?
flower – flora?flores? flor?
time – segundo? ( a filipino term for sec.)
fire – pirena
pure – virgie?
sun – apollo
spirit – Almighty?
darkness – devas

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