Catholics: At what point my sins forgiven in the proses of Confession?

In my race to heaven with countless baggage of sin and before Lord Jesus Descends from the skies I thought I should confess my sins and prepare my soul for heaven. The problem is I am not quite sure how the forgiveness from God through the priest Works Especially if that priest is corrupt or is living in sin Like we all know they do (those poor little boys) Now, will I still be forgiven if I ask for forgiveness from a Faunie, corrupt, Living in sin Priest? Or will I only satisfy my priests perverse imagination and add more baggage to my sins?

might i add that grumpy pepsi is not catholic shes not even Christian so i don’t know why she is answering this question.I dont understand either i just confess my sins alone i think its more powerful .I never taught it was right to confess my sins to priest

The foregiveness of your sins is a related to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and your willingness to renounce sin and live for God. The bit where you confess your sins to a priest is only a minor part of the process and the condition of the priest is immaterial.

If you are preoccupied with thoughts about priests and little boys, you need a psychiatrist first and the priest later.

Ok look any person that molests little boys isn’t an &quot:instrument of God&quot:. And I really dont see how confessing to another sinner does you any good… I dont get that. The Lord forgives you, not the Priest. If want forgiveness ask God yourself. Why do you need to go through a third party. Whatever though.

Hi bindysdogs, Catholics do believe and know God forgives us for our sins, but He does this through the priest. Just as God certainly marries two people, but it is through them and the priest/pastor. The act of contrition is a statement of sorrow, repentance and a promise to sin no more. These are what are necessary for forgiveness. After we are given forgiveness, we have a penance to do. Usually this is in the form of prayer, but it can be almost anything, I have had a half hour of Adoration before the Eucharist. We see in the Bible that repentance is not enough. With David he repented, begged forgiveness, but God still demanded penance to be served–in his case the death of his son. Thus the Catholic way is repentance, confession, forgiveness and penance.

People like you are getting old.All your doing is using a Catholic act to put down Catholics. The Priest good or bad is the acting agent for Christ. His personal sin’s has no effect on the acts of God as he is the instrument of his gifts. Not to worry if the Priest or Minister or who ever is guilty of your preoccupation with disgusting sexual deeds it would be better a mill stone was tied to there neck and they were cast into the sea.One last way to perceive this.You buy a house and it was built by active Pedophiles is it still not a house to be lived in?

You are confessing to GOD directly, in the presence of a priest.
It is through the merits of Jesus that you are forgiven, not by the priest.
You are forgiven by GOD, the priest only pronounces that fact.

by the way you have phrased your question i doubt very much if you are a catholic.
when the priest absolves you from your sin and as long as you have been 100% in telling him the truth in what they were, then your sins are forgiven before god

Robert S is correct. I would suggest, you ask the priest the same exact question you asked here. I wonder if you have the gawl to do that? it would give you a good shot of humility.

I would just pray to God. Tell him you are sorry ( and you must mean it) and you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. Speak from your heart. Tell Him you recognize your sins. See what you have done wrong.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness

At no point. Confession is not the way it is an incoorect method.

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