Basketball: How badly will it affect Lebron’s legacy if Wade wins Final MVP?

Lets say heat do win and Wade wins Finals MVP

is Lebrons legacy tarnished because of that?

Lebron: Wade please win me a ring

Yes it’s tarnished.

Did Jordan, Kobe, Malone,Clyde, Oscar,Ewing, Iverson leave.


Even if Wade really does deserve the Finals MVP over LeBron I doubt the media and David Stern would give it to him.

i might in all risk say that if LeBron wins the award he’s the guy, whether that is nevertheless Wade’s group. you’re nevertheless going to have a lotta people asserting he’s the sidekick in view that Lakers followers are not happy approximately it and maximum people in many cases reason of how LeBron went approximately his employer for the duration of loose corporation.

No, Duncan is considered by most the best power forward in history and in one of his championship victories tony parker, a much lesser player then wade, won finals mvp. So, no.

Dwade will win the next 7 NBA finals MVP and lebron is fine being the sidekick.

Lebron doesnt give him two cents about his legacy,as he shouldnt, you need to win rings first to have a legacy

They are going to share it if you ask me. Btw, Kobe did ask for help and MJ had help… He didn’t have to ask for it. And how did LBJ ask for help? He left to sign a new contract with a new team that had great chances of winning the championship. You would do the same if it was at stake.

Y does it matter if he stiill gets a ring?

yes! wade isn’t as good as james so yes it’ll be pretty bad

Stupid question,the answer is NO!!

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