B&A, How old are your main characters?

If you’re writing a novel (which I think most of us are) what age are your main characters?

I’m just curious 🙂

Age is a crazy thing with my novels. Many of my characters don’t age normally. They aren’t Immortal they just have extremely long lives where they age weird. Example:

The story I am writing now the main Character looks eighteen years old but in truth should be thirty two years old. Slow aging process. Main Characters kids are fifteen but there cells are beginning to slow so they will slow to an almost crawl at seventeen or eighteen years old.

Another novel the one character would appear to be in his thirty’s or forty’s but is in fact well over six hundred years old. The list goes on I like having my characters age slow not Immortal they can die and do but I like to slow them as much as I want.

Only two of my novels do the character age normal. In my one the character starts out at age twelve and the story ends when she is nineteen years old. The other main character starts out at twenty two years old novel ends when he is twenty seven years old. My second novel where everyone ages normal the main characters are in high school I think they were sixteen or seventeen.

So as you see age is just a number my characters are all over the place and there appearance versus there actual age is deceptive. My characters range from new born’s to in there eighties as for my main characters usually late teens to late thirties. – Cass

still deciding – somewhere between 14-18


I’m just deciding, but they’ll be in their teenage years.

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