Atheists against homosexuality: why are you against it?

I saw a comment where a guy said he was an atheist, but was against homosexuality.

So I’m wondering, since usually religion is the cause of this stance, what his (or your) reasoning was

You don’t see too many atheists opposed to it, unless it’s the &quot:yuck&quot: factor.

Um. Not all atheists are against gay/lesbian lifestyle. Personally, I’m fine with it. Whatever makes them happy makes them happy, just like the rest of us are happy being straight or asexual.

The same reason as Christians against homosexuality.

They are homophobes and very small.

Just because different groups of homophobes have different explanations for their homophobia doesn’t make either group socially acceptable.

perhaps he has not yet worked out all of the negative effects of his religious days. Many Atheists are recovering believers. We all have baggage from our religious upbringings. I still like Christmas!! I just dont buy the JC stuff.

Religious viewpoints aren’t the only source of idiotic opinions concerning gay rights. They’re just the most frequent ones.

You do not have to be religious to be homophobic. I am gay and was once accused of being homophobic because of a reply I gave someone – not on Y!A, I should add.

I am not against homosexuality for other people. I am against it for me.

It’s not my dance, so I don’t really care about it…but I can think of no legal reason to disallow it, or to punish people for being so – providing it IS their dance…

I guess you don’t always need religion to be a bigot.

Its VERY clearly unnatural.

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